G-Market Shoes Haul!

Quite late, I’m sure haha! I had the pictures all resized and stuff but I never uploaded it and updated.. thought I’d try to space out entries.

When I placed the order I was estimating that it would be enough time for it to arrive before my friend left for the new fall term. It didn’t because this one seller dragged it on for two weeks.. but I’ll get more into that later on. So the next two pair of flats were from my haul with friends in May.

Looks cute, but this pair like all the other pair of flats I get hurt my Achilles’s tendon so much. To the point where it starts to peel my skin and I need to put a band-aid over. I have a couple of heel grips that my relatives got me from Asia that helped a lot. However, I think flats – at least for me – are like heels and they need to get broken into @_@. Which always takes forever for me because I would only wear it when I know I’m not walking a lot since they hurt too much for long period of time.

For some reason one side was much more looser than the other o.o? It’s like they gave me a whole 0.5 bigger for one size or something.

The rest of these are from my haul with friends in August.

A part of the sole wasn’t really glued on right = boo. But at least the sandals all look nice haha @_@.

I really like this pair LOL. With the scratched up jeans that’s in in Korean web shops, a blazer with a dressy top or even a basic, loose gray v-neck? Yes.. I like haha!

Man, this pair was seriously killing me. Usually it’s like after a couple minutes of wearing flats/heels that I can feel it digging into my achille’s tendon, but this one… this one just hurt like crazy as soon as I stood up. They must’ve made that back part real crappy. Also, I’m a bit disappointed because I was hoping it’d be a lot lighter like in the picture but it’s kind of muddy in real life =.

So we ordered two pairs of flats from the seller 슈본 (not pictured because they were for my mom). I already knew that not all the sellers were going to send right after they got the order.. that’s just how it goes on G-Market. My friend actually ordered 2 blazers from the seller that I ordered from last time and I was getting a little.. annoyed at them too this time around. Before we ordered we already saw that they were on vacation from xxth-to xxth so I was thinking, “Okay we’ll just order when they come back. That’ll give more time for everyone to look over the items and confirm with me about what items they want, etc. etc.” The seller came back for a couple days and that’s when I placed my order with them.

The day right after they changed the status to “delivery by (date)” which means they have it or else they would cancel my order because it’s OOS (out of stock) or else message me to ask if I want to replace the item with another one. The day after that I checked their page to look at an item that my friend ordered and their whole page wasn’t really accessible because they put the whole shop as OOS. I figured, it’s probably because they have to catch up on orders after coming back from their vacation.

Days passed by and I was getting a little nervous about the delivery date to overseas because my friend’s departure date was coming up soon. I noticed both the blazers and the flats from 슈본 were still not sent. Finally one of the blazers were sent out but the other one was canceled and, yes I was not happy. One thing that really annoys me about G-Market is exactly that. A seller should not be able to sell an item if you do not have it on hand or getting stock for that item soon. For one, I get charged for that anyway on my credit card. Second, when they cancel and refund the money for it, it does not directly go back to me. It stays in my G-Market account. If I want to transfer it back to me I have to pay like $30 which isn’t even worth it because the amount might not even be $30..either way I don’t want to lose my $30 =_=!

Funny thing is that after they canceled it, the next day I went to check on their page and what do you know everything’s apparently back in stock. Are they lying about that item being back in stock? Who knows. I just think it’s ridiculous because I was willing to pay for the item and apparently you get stock for it the next day but you canceled my order the day before. I already waited for like a week, what’s another day?? I told my friend if they hurry up and ship it, I might get it on the day before she leaves.

That estimate was quickly proved untrue when 슈본 decided to STILL not send the TWO pair of flats!!! Okay, you know those sandals/heels I showed above that are from my August haul? Those are all from the same seller. They shipped it probably the next day. At this point I was getting impatient because on one end I have a seller that is not telling me anything as to why they’re taking so long to send (I even checked their page to see if they were on holiday) and on the other end I have friends harassing me asking when the items are getting sent out! Despite the language barrier, I tried to message the seller in simple(ish) English asking what the hold up is while showing my displeasure at all of this without outright bitching at them.

Me: Hi I was wondering how much more longer I will have to wait for you to ship out my items. If it’s going to take too long can you just refund me my money instead? I dont think it should take over a week to send two items.
Seller: Today will be sent

Okay, I was calmed. The person will be sending it that day. I checked the next day to see what the status is… still nothing changed. They did not send it -_-. I sent that question on the 24th and got a reply pretty quickly too.. so it’s not like the seller’s not there.

On the 26th I sent another message:
Me: Hi. Its been two days since you said you will send it today. If youre not sending it by Monday I will be canceling this order. Thanks.
Seller: I`m sorry, I will return on Tuesday

Seriously???? I was just about to cancel it right then and there but I talked to my mom about it – since it is her shoes, not mine. I was like they told me the other day that they will send it in the same day. Without warning they leave to God knows where and then they say that they’ll be returning Tuesday. Returning to the company or returning my money!??!? And does returning on Tuesday mean you’re finally going to send out my items?!?!? But mom really wanted those shoes and she said since we already waited this long we might as well wait a couple more days. By now it was already too late anyway for my friend to get the items.

It took literally over two weeks for 슈본 to send out two pairs of flats. I really wouldn’t mind if the sellers at least alerted us to late shipments. If you just simply left a message when I first asked when they were getting shipped out like “On holiday until xxth will be back to ship.” I would be like oh alright. But no.. they totally lied and kept pushing back the shipping date. And I didn’t even message them about it until over a week after I placed my order. What is that?!??! So yeah, if you’re shopping on G-Market and you’re buying some shoes, avoid 슈본 if you don’t want to run the risk of waiting about a month for your order since it took them over two weeks to send to G-Market and then finally for GM’s package to reach me….. ridiculous.

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