Vancouver — July 24 & 25, 2011

Again, I’m cutting a bunch of things out LOL.

July 24, 2011

Vanier Park

We went back to Vanier Park because my uncle thought you could rent a boat there. Nope haha. But! This time the old man that flies 3 kites appeared! We chatted with him a little haha. Alan took the pictures and didn’t take one of the guy flying it -_-.

The kites are actually pretty big and since it’s 3, he has one attached to his waist. He said that they have motors in them. It’s interesting, I came here 10 years ago and he could be at this park flying them, and 10 years later he’s still doing it.

The red tide started that day :(

Granville Island

We drove back to Granville Island because they for sure had boat rentals there. We were walking around trying to see where to rent a boat and saw some pamphlets for Jerry’s Boat Rentals so we decided to go there. We just rented a small motor boat – I think that’s all they offer anyway at Jerry’s. I gotta say though, walked past these REALLY nice ones on the way to Jerry’s… major boat envy. The big ones with like a little deck to sit, etc. UGHHH.

We didn’t stay out very long. Everybody else forgot to put on sunscreen and I didn’t carry it in my bag because it’s heavy. Karen and my uncle both just came back from Asia and they got sunburns and after an hour or two they seemed like they were going to start peeling again. I think it was like $90?? in total for an hour. They charge by hour and how much gas you use.

The boy working there was pretty nice. The only thing we regret about going there is that it’s pretty far in. You have to keep at 20? while inside the zone because there’s a lot of traffic and it wouldn’t be safe. As it turns out, the speed limit is the same speed as when we set it onto like cruising speed…. I think it took like 10-15 minutes to ride out past the buoy that signals we can raise the speed. It seems kind of like a waste because we’re paying by the hour and that would mean we waste like half an hour just leaving and coming back to the place.

One thing I don’t really understand is the boy said we have to stay at that speed because we’ll be passing the Coast Guards. We did, but while driving out all the other boats did NOT seem like they were driving our speed AT ALL. People would be speeding past us. I don’t get if it’s because our boat is tinier or something but that seems real stupid. Here we are taking like 15mins to get out while they just zoom by in a minute to get past the buoy -_-. Also we all had to wear life jacket, which no one else did. I’m guessing though that’s because those people don’t want to be responsible so they make you wear one. Unless the coast guard just thinks if they had to fine everyone 95% of the people would have a fine under their belt… isn’t that good though.. they make money.

Also… while we were driving under a bridge on the way back…. a bird shat -_-. This is the second time in my life man, not amused. It splattered across the boat and ended on my foot. Luckily I had a water bottle to rinse off my foot… so disgusting because I was wearing flip flops.

We stopped by Yaohan for some more bubble tea. I had so much on this trip because every time my uncle’s like, “….Thirsty?” We’d go for bbt LOL. The interesting thing about bbt in Vancouver vs. the ones in my city is that you can pick the size of the pearls.

Looks diseased here LOL! I got the small pearls – you can get normal, small or mixed.

An interesting thing to note about bbt at Yaohan. There two there right beside each other – Little Bean Tea Station (new) and Juice King. There’s plenty of customers at both, but I can imagine JK would’ve had a lot more back then. My uncle said that JK should’ve had an agreement with the centre to be the only bbt place. That’s how business goes.

Night Market

We went back to the night market so we could pick some stuff up for family and ate some of the food from the stalls. Man, they had stinky tofu but nobody else wanted to eat some with me because no one else is hungry after the fries and bbq sticks.

Tornado potatoes! So hard to take pictures because, let me tell ya, those things make your hand super nasty LOL.

Yeah okay so it was super busy that day since it was a nice day. I turned around and realized all the tables behind us were taken and my uncle was like, “That’s how it is, just walk around and eat.” I was like, “….Why? Let’s just go sit down at the performance area.” I’m pretty sure like 70% of the people there that day wasn’t watching the show and just sitting there to eat LOL. Why? Because they had opera performances there the whole day. What I thought was rude though was these two Caucasian girls sitting there giving weird looks and laughing -_-. I know it’s not your culture and you have no idea what they’re saying – heck, I had no idea what they’re saying – but you shouldn’t be laughing. It’s just rude. And it makes you look stupid because you’re sitting in an Asian event.

July 25, 2011

Pittsburg Restaurant

Ate our meal at Pittsburg Restaurant. I was hoping they’d bake it with the rice under, but it wasn’t like that. They had the rice separate. We ate here last year too and I remembered it tasted good, for some reason it tasted off this time. I think they salted the chicken or over did it and it tasted weird… didn’t really like it.

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