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I was helping my friend get some stuff on G-Market and I ended up buying more things again… LOL -sigh-. Going poor over here. So yeah bought some bags and shoes. I’ll just show the bags this post because I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of the shoes. I’ll show it with the haul I did a month or so before^^

Quite pretty! I love carrying it around when I don’t feel like lugging around too much – like at work. I actually thought it would be bigger before I received it, even though I knew it was smaller than my usual bags (I love me some big bags @_@). The size is quite all right, but it’s real slim so you really can’t get away with putting much in there.

My main concern is that if I decide to put anything relatively heavy in there, the buckle for the long strap might break. It feels a bit flimsy. The strap is also very, very soft so I imagine if it’s heavy, the strap itself might snap too. Well, you get what you pay for though, right? haha. Oh and the zipper inside was messed up : (((( You know when it’s half zipped, half opened? Yeah I don’t know how to fix it.. look into it sometime -_-

My favorite bag of the bunch! The size is neither too big nor too small – just right! Another thing I love about it is that it has tons of pockets. I need pockets!! Now my coworkers can’t complain that I have a big bag with nothing in it (I do.. but theirs are always filled to the brim LOL). No complaints with this one.

Initially, I bought this bag because I don’t really have any bags that are regular handbags. As you can see, most of my bags have a longer strap or else I’d have to carry it on the crook of my arms because the shorter strap isn’t long enough to put on shoulders. I thought this one also looked good with the longer strap so I bought it so I can use it both ways.

Nothing to complain about actually, but when I got it I just didn’t really feel like the style of it really fit me. I gave it to my mom :p

I wish I have the stock photo to show everyone. It looked so pretty and stylish. I bought this one my previous haul along with the blazers. I had measure this actually before I bought it and it was supposed to be the same length and stuff as the current bag I’m carrying but this one is huge! I don’t think I can even use this unless it’s for school and even then I don’t know if I would. I’ve grown out of using side bags for school because they hurt my shoulders especially in post-secondary. On top of that it seems plastic-y. Disappointed : ( I was looking forward to this so much.

Other than that I also have this black duffel-sized bag with studs all along the bottom. I didn’t take any pictures of it, but it’s in all my Vancouver trip pictures! I liked it even though they lied about it in the pictures. In the pictures it showed a soft leather bag and the one they actually send is a hard leather one that doesn’t go floppy = I personally don’t really like hard leather bags, I like them buttery soft most of the time ><.. especially for that bag. The stitching for the place that holds the ring for the longer strap broke so I can't use the long strap anymore =. The thing is I wasn't even really carrying that much, but I guess those sorts of bags are never really meant to put much stress on the ring -sigh-.


FINE Hyaluron & Collagen

Fine Hyaluron & Collagen replenishes skin with essential nutrients. After use, skin becomes elastic and lifted up. Prolonged use maintains healthy, radiant and youthful skin.
Unlike other collagen additives, Fine Hyaluron & Collagen adopts tasteless collagen extracted from fish. As it is decomposed into very fine molecules, it could be effectively absorbed.
Blended with other beauty ingredients, it works to suppress the production of melanin, moisturize skin and reduce the appearance of imperfections such as spots, lines and dark circles.

【Hyaluronic Acid】:maintains watery and supple skin.
【Collagen】:helps vitalize skin.
【Elastin】:improves elasticity of skin.
【Adlay Extract】:detoxifies and whitens skin.
【Vitamin C】:accelerates metabolism.
【Vitamin H】:maintains healthy skin.

After reading the blog post about collagen on sushi-cat, I was really intrigued and wanted to try it out. My friend, Janet, was buying some stuff from Sasa and asked me if I wanted to get anything since she was close to getting free shipping. I said no at first but… then I caved… -no self-control- LOL -_-^^^.

I just started so I’ll have to type up a different entry later on to see progress after I’m finished with this can. As always… the can was only filled half way… LOL just like the damn chip bags!! RAWR!! Even more annoying when I pay for the costly drink mixes from Second Cup (like a Canadian version of Starbucks) and it’s filled only half way too when there wasn’t much to begin there blarghhh.

The reviews on Sasa said it kind of tasted a bit fishy. I actually don’t think it tasted fishy… it reminded me of crackers instead LOL You definitely can’t drink this stuff with just water… nor milk at least to me.. tastes weird – well I never tried it with water, but I would guess.

My Beauty Diary Earl Grey Tea & Macaron Sheet Mask

My Beauty Diary Earl Grey Tea & Macaron Sheet Mask illuminates and clarifies the face in 20 minutes.
The combination of black tea ferment and bergamot essential oil gives a miraculously brightening effect. It brightens dull and yellowish skin tone, leaving skin briskly clear, fair and flawless.
Sweet almond protein and sugar cane extract are mixed to leave skin glittering and translucent, smooth and delicate. The fruit extracts of rosa canina, blueberry and acerola leave skin fair and perfectly clear, enhancing the skin’s translucency and ability to defend.
Suitable for normal skin, it is recommended for dull skin without lustre.

I wanted to try these ones out because I read some good reviews and my box of mask sheets are almost gone >< I haven't opened it up yet!

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  1. LOL studs is an understatement they were basically BLINGED OUT OMG BLING lol they looked like an anti theft prevention system going down there lol super BLINGED OUT lol

    1. LOL that’s what they’re called though – studs ::sweat:: Plus I like that it was on the bottom so it wasn’t all in your face. Whatever man, got compliments from it LOL! ::^^::

    1. Sure ::^^::
      The 2nd bag was from this seller
      I got the 4th one in May so it’s not for sale anymore ::sweat:: . The seller’s name was KIZZME though maybe they might still be selling something similar?

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