Vancouver — July 20 & 21, 2011

I skipped through some stuff that I didn’t feel like posting ><

July 20, 2011


8611 Alexandra Road, #180
Richmond, BC

Phoooooo. Alan ordered the rice! So in my city, food is probably ridiculously expensive compared to Vancouver. For the price of one bowl of pho in my city, I can get a whole set consisting of 3 items in Vancouver — $7.90. What the heck!? At Pho99 for $7.90 you can pick what pho you want, a sidedish (spring rolls, chicken wings, etc.), and a drink! Their chicken wings are delicious and can be ordered separately (10pc.).

The second time we went we all had chicken wings as our sidedish and we also ordered a plate… LOL!! -fatties-. Their spring rolls on the other hand are not so delicious. It was like this huge thing. Spring rolls are best when there is just a small amount of stuffing in it so it’s thinner and more crunchier. Mommy makes it best! On top of that, it was super peppered D:! Not enjoyable.

Service there was very good both times I went. The people are always thanking you profusely haha!

Don’t mind.. my mouth looked always.. LOL. But my hair looked real nice HAHA. Btw, can you see how those Super Nudy lenses are enlarging my eyes hardcore. Well, it was really big in the bigger version of the picture before I resized it for the site haha.

Green Tea Lemonade & Iced Peppermint White Mocha. One last drink at the airport before my best friend left for a term abroad in Singapore. We had a couple hours to spare so we played card games at the tables haha. Alan and I helped her check in after.

It was rather funny because we were coming from the side so we couldn’t see any of the signs and we got into the wrong one at first. It was like some empty VIP one and the guy there was like ???? “…Can I please see your ticket??” I was like, “He probably knew since we’re super young looking and wondering why the hell we’re walking in the VIP line…” He found out Leen already checked in online so he said that we could go to ‘that’ line. We had no idea where he was pointing so we moved to the line over. By the way, we were having trouble pushing the cart.. HAHA. The line was like long, or rather, it wasn’t really moving. Another worker was near us so we were asking him where the online check in people go and that’s what the previous guy noticed that we were, again, in the wrong line.

They pointed us to the first lane. The other empty lane for people that checked in online. LOL. Meh, we’re just like VIPs, no biggy.

To be honest, we didn’t even know Leen was planning to go abroad, for real. She suddenly let me know that she applied and is just waiting for acceptance so our other best friend, Ashleigh, and I were shocked and a little upset. I guess I don’t really mind that she didn’t let me know beforehand, because it’s not like that really affects anything. We were mostly upset for selfish reasons, like how we’re going to miss her ass so much and she ditched us for a whole term LOL. Ash and I always banter about if we’re going to cry or not when she left. I sometimes joked about how I was going to bawl and make a scene at the airport.

Thankfully, that didn’t happen LOL. While we were playing cards, the fact that the time left before she left for 4 months was starting to come to me. But you know, my best friend wanted to have this experience and it’s definitely good for her so I did my best to do what it took to make the transition for her as smooth as possible. I’m sure Leen felt the same melancholy in her heart when we knew she had to check in and go through security because she looked at me and said something like do I really have to go, I think haha! And when it came time to it I really did cry.

We stood a ways away from the entrance to go through security and we said our byes and hugs and then she turned around and started walking away. That’s when the whole thing hit me hard. I started tearing up and I was trying so hard not to cry and Alan who was standing sort of in front of me, so he had his back towards me, went, “Man, you could tell she was about to cry. I saw her eyes welling up.” He turned around and saw me on the verge of like bawling and I had to cover my mouth and all that because it looks ugly LOL.

I know this sounds super dramatic of me, but I couldn’t help it. And I never cry in public. Leen and I have been friends since grade 8 – that’s like 8 years – and somewhere down the road she became my best friend and I’m extremely attached to her. Whatever problems I have, I just know, that I could talk to her. She’s the wall I lean on. You know, that kind of friend that you just know, no matter what happens, the friendship would never break. The kind of friend you know wasn’t meant to be with you just for a period of your life, and then will step out when it comes time for it. Plus Leen admitted that she never once looked back while walking away because she knew she would start crying too. So.. not just me LOL!

My little tearing up session was quickly cut short because my uncle was like hurrying us up since he’s parked right outside and I was already late for our meet up time haha! Suffice to say, I was quite depressed that night and my uncle could tell too.

July 21, 2011

Excuse the bad quality, it was taken with our older digicam haha.

So we went back to The Blue Parrot Coffee on Granville Island for some coffee! That’s when we started noticing a trend. The pho place said it was “The Best Vietnamese Restaurant in North America” and now we’re at a place that serves the “#1 Rated Coffee in Vancouver”?? Whoa, whoa uncle. Bringing us to all the #1 joints? Five-Star Hotel Kevin treatment, jkjk LOL. No, but really, every place we went to had something they claim is best afterwards haha!

The people working here are, as always, very nice. Went there like 4-5 times now… LOL. Karen, my cousin, cracked me up. I offered to treat everyone and Karen picked Iced Classic Cappuccino, I think – which my uncle helped order. The lady making it told my uncle said something like they ran out of small cups for iced drinks I think and asked if it’s okay to use the hot drink cup? My uncle turned to tell Karen that. The lady, seeing that it was actually my cousin ordering this warned us, “Are you sure you want the classic cappuccino? It’s pretty bitter, it’s not like the stuff from Tim Horton’s! Would you rather like the frappes instead? Those are sweeter, hon!” Karen said it’s fine. My uncle ordered a frappe for himself just in case she wanted to trade.

We sat down and Karen took a sip and immediately traded the frappe with her cappuccino LOL!! Good going. So my uncle went and added some sugar and stuff to it and it became drinkable for the two of them. Should’ve listened to the lady, Kar.

At Granville this time, there was this guy whose trick was that he was going to ride a tall unicycle and juggle knives. He was quite funny actually, but there was one thing that kind of bothered me. Every couple minutes or so he’d talk about the donation at the end. Constantly reminding us that at the end he’s going to bring a bag out and, if we so wished to, put in a couple bucks. The worst part was at the end when he actually took out his bag, and before opening it, he was telling us, “If you’re going to just put in coins, like quarters and dimes, it’s okay, just keep it. This one’s on me.”

No offence, but if the show was 20 minutes, 18 would probably be you cracking jokes and telling us what you’re going to do but you never did until the last 2 minutes. Which, again, is not so bad because he was, admittedly, amusing but I just feel like tips/donations are exactly that. If I enjoyed your show and only had some change on me, you’re telling me that it’s not good enough? Seems a bit like a dick move. I mean if you don’t want it, take it, and give it as donations to things or something. The whole show you keep telling us that if we enjoyed your show, please give you some money. Beggars can’t be choosers, you know? That ending turned me off.

And then when we were inside enjoying the view and our coffee some Spanish guy, omg… he pulled up a chair and sat about a metre away from us and started strumming on his guitar. I don’t think I would’ve really minded if he played a beautiful, soft song in the background but he wasn’t. He was strumming it hard, and then he started like….screaming his Spanish song. It was so loud I couldn’t even think while I spoke. All of us would say a couple words and then lose concentration on what we were saying. Nobody was enjoying it. I think he knew because nobody put money into his guitar case and he decided to leave after a while. My ears were ringing afterwards -_-.

To top it all off, we got a ticket.. LOL. The place we parked had like a one hour limit so before it came time, my uncle went out to move the car. I guess it still counts if you’re in the same lot??? I think it’s pretty ridiculous because if we were going to get a ticket anyway, we might as well have just left the car. The car wasn’t in the same space, but it was in the same parking lot, I didn’t know that still counts.

Ajisen Ramen

4380 No 3 Rd
Ste 1190
Richmond, BC

I asked my uncle if he knew of a ramen place and he said he did. His friend knows the owner’s wife and they opened up Ajisen not too long ago. It’s at Parker Place!

Interesting decor LOL. Alan and I enjoyed the wall drawings.. What with the boobs having like double chins. They’re like double boobed men with faces like :< LOL! Hilarious.

What did I say? We’re now at a place that serves the ‘best’ quality Japanese rice. Oh yes, LOL.

I mixed my soup up and then realized I didn’t take a picture of our food yet so I put two pieces of the fried pork cutlet on top to make it look nicer.. HAHA. Okay so their servings for ramen or rice with the pork cutlet is huge.. Look at that cutlet.. It was so huge we couldn’t finish it off. Worse, the cutlet was dry : ( They cooked it too long so it was tough. Not enjoyable. Coincidentally, Alan and I both ordered fried cutlets -_-. Uncle got this kimchi flavoured dish..

The people here are very nice too. You can sign up to be a member and they give you a card and after like…10? bowls you get one free, I think. It’s a plastic card like credit cards and they use it to swipe. The bad thing about that though is that you don’t know how many bowls you’ve eaten? Stamp cards would be easier to keep track of because I don’t think they print it off on the receipt how many more bowls to go.

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