Kanebo KATE Liquid Rouge N (BR-2) Review

The Kanebo KATE Liquid Rouge N is a liquid lipstick-like lip gloss with gorgeous shine pigment and amazing lasting power. It has a soft & smooth texture with attractive shimmers & gives a beautiful gloss shine and volumizing effect. The high quality gloss is packaged in a sleek & chic bottle with a flat fuzzy spatula applicator. Contains moisturizing ingredients OLIVE OIL, ALMOND OIL & JOJOBA OIL. Unscented and unflavored.

I’m actually not a fan of lip glosses that need to be applied with the applicator because it’s not very convenient for me when I want to use it while out. Maybe it’s just me, but I need to have a mirror to apply it LOL. I read a review on this though and I thought, maybe I should try these sorts of lip glosses out again.

The colour is neither completely opaque nor sheer – right in the middle. The colour does show up very well, and it’s actually darker than it is in the picture where I have it applied – very close to the swatch. I had to apply a clear gloss under though because the Liquid Rouge creeps into fine lines and show everything on the lips : (. Doing that kind of washed the colour out as seen in the picture.

It’s really sticky, which is actually something I quite dislike. I do like my glosses usually a little bit sticky or else it would just disappear in a snap, but this was too sticky for my liking. I find that I have a hard time smoothing this over my lips. I will admit that the staying power of it is very good because of its stickiness. However, those fine little shimmer you see in the swatch? Once it does dry off, that’s what was left on my lip D: Not a good look!

Considering all the oils it apparently contains, it doesn’t really seem to have a long-lasting effect on moisturizing my lips. After it’s off my lips I don’t feel like they’re any different until I apply it again.

Packaging-wise, I like the sleek look of it. Cute to have in the makeup bag. I’m also a fan of their flat spatula applicator as opposed to the round ones I’ve used.

Overall Rating: ★★☆☆☆ — 2/5

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