Do I Have Anything Between My Teeth?

Do you ever have one of those days where you finished eating and you end up with food stuck between your teeth that you’re not aware of? Do you ever go through a whole day looking a mess without knowing? You know those sorts of feeling right? You see yourself in the mirror later and then wonder why no one brought those sorts of things to your attention.

Sometimes it kind of annoys me when a friend doesn’t say anything. I’d rather you bring it to my attention so that I just go through that 5 second embarrassment of knowing I have something in my teeth than to have to go through my whole day wondering why people are staring at me weirdly.

I don’t see what the big deal is, but some people apparently can’t take those sort of things. Do the majority of people rather be lied to by fake people saying things like, “Oh hon! Your hair looks fabuloussss!!!” When really it doesn’t?

One time someone I know, K, cut her own bangs and I asked if she did. I thought it looked a little weird, but because she was in front of everyone, I didn’t comment. I just nodded and said oh! Somehow it got turned into something majorly negative and was misconstrued to be something bitchy… LOL. 1) I didn’t want to mention my opinion yet even though I was her bff because it’s rude to say stuff like that in front of everyone. Especially because it’s something she can’t fix at school anyways because her bangs have already been cut 2) Now that you know my opinion anyway, isn’t it better I told you instead of me being one of the fakers giving compliments all around whether they mean it or not? If I’m your bff, wouldn’t you want my true opinion? Suddenly my other bff at the time, F, thought I was a bitch because she heard K saying I made fun of her… what? LOL. If I was going to make fun I would’ve laughed and be like, “wtf’s that on your head?” PS. They weren’t bffs. I was bffs with both of them though.

Not that surprising since F was the type that would never let anyone know things like that. One time F saw a person sitting in front of her with toilet paper hanging out the back of their pants. Instead of letting the person know, she chose to judge and text everyone about it. I even suggested, “Why don’t you tap them on the shoulders to let them know since you’re behind her,” when she texted me that. She didn’t. I mean, luckily for that person, it fell off later, but by the time it fell off, people already all noticed it when it could’ve been off her a lot more sooner, no?

Even when you asked her directly if there was anything in your teeth she’d say no. I mean, come on!! If the person is asking you that means they’re okay with you telling them. At least E, my bff, isn’t like that or I might be suffering through those sorts of things more often. One time she saw someone that got her time of the month and didn’t realize. She ran after them to let them know. At least I think it was monthlies – that or toilet paper. Either way, I know I’d totally appreciate it if someone let me know before I walk any further.

Those sorts of things are one of my major pet peeves.

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