EOS G-207 Super Nudy Gray Review

Harro mes amis! I just downloaded Dragon Nest like two days ago and I’m already hooked. Add me if you’re in Velzkud! IGN: secretWISH
But.. I’ll talk about that in another entry LOL. Today I shall be doing a review on EOS’ Super Nudy series (G-207) in gray! To check out other ones I’ve done just click on this entry’s title and you’ll see the categories/tags, just click EOS after. I’ve only tried out EOS lenses :P

Direct sunlight with one lens in || Natural light with one lens in || Direct sunlight with both lenses in || Natural light with both lenses in

I believe that these come in 14.5mm? In terms of enlargement, I would say these lenses definitely do their job. I took them with me when I went to Vancouver. When I put them on I could already tell they enlarged my eyes, but when I looked back at the pictures I was kind of taken aback LOL. When I had them maximized on my screen I could really see the difference. The thick black ring helped a lot.
Rating: ★★★★☆ — 4/5

The colour of these lenses are quite dark so it kind of blends in nicely with my natural eye colour. With the wavy design on the black outer ring, I think it helps make it less harsh too. The only thing about these are that they do seem a bit pixelated. Looking at the lenses close up they seem a bit unnatural and maybe even a bit lizardy. It will be noticeable when people are standing in front of you and chatting with you.
Rating: ★★★☆☆ — 3/5

I mentioned before that this batch of lenses were my first ones ever so what I first noticed about this Super Nudy pair and the New Adult pairs were the feeling of thickness between them. As soon as I had them between my fingers I noticed that this pair seemed a lot more flimsier. That was surprising to me just because these are bigger in diameter. I do have a harder time putting these in because of the size and the thinness. However, once they’re in, they just disappear. I would not feel them on my eye for the rest of the day! Which, again, I thought was weird because I would’ve thought since it’s bigger in diameter my eyes would dry out faster. Not the case for these! If my brown ones felt as comfy as this pair I’d wear it to work all the time XD.
Rating: ★★★★★ — 5/5

If you’re into doing gyaru eye makeup or even nice smokey eyes, I think this pair would be gorgeous paired along with it. My friend did my eye makeup when we went to the bar and my eyes looked HUGEE especially with the lashes. Almost a little scarily huge because I’ve never seen my own eyes like that haha!! If you’re looking for grey lenses that give you a dolly look and would feel comfortable, I would say give these a try. I think the Super Nudy series is a very popular one anyway. If you’re looking for an enlarging pair that looks a bit more natural though, I don’t think these will be the way to go, at least in my opinion. It’s not so obvious in the pictures below, but.. I don’t know, everyone around me can definitely tell (aside from it not being my natural eye colour, of course).
Overall Rating: ★★★☆☆ — 3/5

Vancouver — July 24 & 25, 2011

Again, I’m cutting a bunch of things out LOL.

July 24, 2011

Vanier Park

We went back to Vanier Park because my uncle thought you could rent a boat there. Nope haha. But! This time the old man that flies 3 kites appeared! We chatted with him a little haha. Alan took the pictures and didn’t take one of the guy flying it -_-.

The kites are actually pretty big and since it’s 3, he has one attached to his waist. He said that they have motors in them. It’s interesting, I came here 10 years ago and he could be at this park flying them, and 10 years later he’s still doing it.

The red tide started that day :(

Granville Island

We drove back to Granville Island because they for sure had boat rentals there. We were walking around trying to see where to rent a boat and saw some pamphlets for Jerry’s Boat Rentals so we decided to go there. We just rented a small motor boat – I think that’s all they offer anyway at Jerry’s. I gotta say though, walked past these REALLY nice ones on the way to Jerry’s… major boat envy. The big ones with like a little deck to sit, etc. UGHHH.

We didn’t stay out very long. Everybody else forgot to put on sunscreen and I didn’t carry it in my bag because it’s heavy. Karen and my uncle both just came back from Asia and they got sunburns and after an hour or two they seemed like they were going to start peeling again. I think it was like $90?? in total for an hour. They charge by hour and how much gas you use.

The boy working there was pretty nice. The only thing we regret about going there is that it’s pretty far in. You have to keep at 20? while inside the zone because there’s a lot of traffic and it wouldn’t be safe. As it turns out, the speed limit is the same speed as when we set it onto like cruising speed…. I think it took like 10-15 minutes to ride out past the buoy that signals we can raise the speed. It seems kind of like a waste because we’re paying by the hour and that would mean we waste like half an hour just leaving and coming back to the place.

One thing I don’t really understand is the boy said we have to stay at that speed because we’ll be passing the Coast Guards. We did, but while driving out all the other boats did NOT seem like they were driving our speed AT ALL. People would be speeding past us. I don’t get if it’s because our boat is tinier or something but that seems real stupid. Here we are taking like 15mins to get out while they just zoom by in a minute to get past the buoy -_-. Also we all had to wear life jacket, which no one else did. I’m guessing though that’s because those people don’t want to be responsible so they make you wear one. Unless the coast guard just thinks if they had to fine everyone 95% of the people would have a fine under their belt… isn’t that good though.. they make money.

Also… while we were driving under a bridge on the way back…. a bird shat -_-. This is the second time in my life man, not amused. It splattered across the boat and ended on my foot. Luckily I had a water bottle to rinse off my foot… so disgusting because I was wearing flip flops.

We stopped by Yaohan for some more bubble tea. I had so much on this trip because every time my uncle’s like, “….Thirsty?” We’d go for bbt LOL. The interesting thing about bbt in Vancouver vs. the ones in my city is that you can pick the size of the pearls.

Looks diseased here LOL! I got the small pearls – you can get normal, small or mixed.

An interesting thing to note about bbt at Yaohan. There two there right beside each other – Little Bean Tea Station (new) and Juice King. There’s plenty of customers at both, but I can imagine JK would’ve had a lot more back then. My uncle said that JK should’ve had an agreement with the centre to be the only bbt place. That’s how business goes.

Night Market

We went back to the night market so we could pick some stuff up for family and ate some of the food from the stalls. Man, they had stinky tofu but nobody else wanted to eat some with me because no one else is hungry after the fries and bbq sticks.

Tornado potatoes! So hard to take pictures because, let me tell ya, those things make your hand super nasty LOL.

Yeah okay so it was super busy that day since it was a nice day. I turned around and realized all the tables behind us were taken and my uncle was like, “That’s how it is, just walk around and eat.” I was like, “….Why? Let’s just go sit down at the performance area.” I’m pretty sure like 70% of the people there that day wasn’t watching the show and just sitting there to eat LOL. Why? Because they had opera performances there the whole day. What I thought was rude though was these two Caucasian girls sitting there giving weird looks and laughing -_-. I know it’s not your culture and you have no idea what they’re saying – heck, I had no idea what they’re saying – but you shouldn’t be laughing. It’s just rude. And it makes you look stupid because you’re sitting in an Asian event.

July 25, 2011

Pittsburg Restaurant

Ate our meal at Pittsburg Restaurant. I was hoping they’d bake it with the rice under, but it wasn’t like that. They had the rice separate. We ate here last year too and I remembered it tasted good, for some reason it tasted off this time. I think they salted the chicken or over did it and it tasted weird… didn’t really like it.

Sasa & Gmarket Haul/Review


I was helping my friend get some stuff on G-Market and I ended up buying more things again… LOL -sigh-. Going poor over here. So yeah bought some bags and shoes. I’ll just show the bags this post because I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of the shoes. I’ll show it with the haul I did a month or so before^^

Quite pretty! I love carrying it around when I don’t feel like lugging around too much – like at work. I actually thought it would be bigger before I received it, even though I knew it was smaller than my usual bags (I love me some big bags @_@). The size is quite all right, but it’s real slim so you really can’t get away with putting much in there.

My main concern is that if I decide to put anything relatively heavy in there, the buckle for the long strap might break. It feels a bit flimsy. The strap is also very, very soft so I imagine if it’s heavy, the strap itself might snap too. Well, you get what you pay for though, right? haha. Oh and the zipper inside was messed up : (((( You know when it’s half zipped, half opened? Yeah I don’t know how to fix it.. look into it sometime -_-

My favorite bag of the bunch! The size is neither too big nor too small – just right! Another thing I love about it is that it has tons of pockets. I need pockets!! Now my coworkers can’t complain that I have a big bag with nothing in it (I do.. but theirs are always filled to the brim LOL). No complaints with this one.

Initially, I bought this bag because I don’t really have any bags that are regular handbags. As you can see, most of my bags have a longer strap or else I’d have to carry it on the crook of my arms because the shorter strap isn’t long enough to put on shoulders. I thought this one also looked good with the longer strap so I bought it so I can use it both ways.

Nothing to complain about actually, but when I got it I just didn’t really feel like the style of it really fit me. I gave it to my mom :p

I wish I have the stock photo to show everyone. It looked so pretty and stylish. I bought this one my previous haul along with the blazers. I had measure this actually before I bought it and it was supposed to be the same length and stuff as the current bag I’m carrying but this one is huge! I don’t think I can even use this unless it’s for school and even then I don’t know if I would. I’ve grown out of using side bags for school because they hurt my shoulders especially in post-secondary. On top of that it seems plastic-y. Disappointed : ( I was looking forward to this so much.

Other than that I also have this black duffel-sized bag with studs all along the bottom. I didn’t take any pictures of it, but it’s in all my Vancouver trip pictures! I liked it even though they lied about it in the pictures. In the pictures it showed a soft leather bag and the one they actually send is a hard leather one that doesn’t go floppy = I personally don’t really like hard leather bags, I like them buttery soft most of the time ><.. especially for that bag. The stitching for the place that holds the ring for the longer strap broke so I can't use the long strap anymore =. The thing is I wasn't even really carrying that much, but I guess those sorts of bags are never really meant to put much stress on the ring -sigh-.


FINE Hyaluron & Collagen

Fine Hyaluron & Collagen replenishes skin with essential nutrients. After use, skin becomes elastic and lifted up. Prolonged use maintains healthy, radiant and youthful skin.
Unlike other collagen additives, Fine Hyaluron & Collagen adopts tasteless collagen extracted from fish. As it is decomposed into very fine molecules, it could be effectively absorbed.
Blended with other beauty ingredients, it works to suppress the production of melanin, moisturize skin and reduce the appearance of imperfections such as spots, lines and dark circles.

【Hyaluronic Acid】:maintains watery and supple skin.
【Collagen】:helps vitalize skin.
【Elastin】:improves elasticity of skin.
【Adlay Extract】:detoxifies and whitens skin.
【Vitamin C】:accelerates metabolism.
【Vitamin H】:maintains healthy skin.

After reading the blog post about collagen on sushi-cat, I was really intrigued and wanted to try it out. My friend, Janet, was buying some stuff from Sasa and asked me if I wanted to get anything since she was close to getting free shipping. I said no at first but… then I caved… -no self-control- LOL -_-^^^.

I just started so I’ll have to type up a different entry later on to see progress after I’m finished with this can. As always… the can was only filled half way… LOL just like the damn chip bags!! RAWR!! Even more annoying when I pay for the costly drink mixes from Second Cup (like a Canadian version of Starbucks) and it’s filled only half way too when there wasn’t much to begin there blarghhh.

The reviews on Sasa said it kind of tasted a bit fishy. I actually don’t think it tasted fishy… it reminded me of crackers instead LOL You definitely can’t drink this stuff with just water… nor milk at least to me.. tastes weird – well I never tried it with water, but I would guess.

My Beauty Diary Earl Grey Tea & Macaron Sheet Mask

My Beauty Diary Earl Grey Tea & Macaron Sheet Mask illuminates and clarifies the face in 20 minutes.
The combination of black tea ferment and bergamot essential oil gives a miraculously brightening effect. It brightens dull and yellowish skin tone, leaving skin briskly clear, fair and flawless.
Sweet almond protein and sugar cane extract are mixed to leave skin glittering and translucent, smooth and delicate. The fruit extracts of rosa canina, blueberry and acerola leave skin fair and perfectly clear, enhancing the skin’s translucency and ability to defend.
Suitable for normal skin, it is recommended for dull skin without lustre.

I wanted to try these ones out because I read some good reviews and my box of mask sheets are almost gone >< I haven't opened it up yet!

Vancouver — July 20 & 21, 2011

I skipped through some stuff that I didn’t feel like posting ><

July 20, 2011


8611 Alexandra Road, #180
Richmond, BC

Phoooooo. Alan ordered the rice! So in my city, food is probably ridiculously expensive compared to Vancouver. For the price of one bowl of pho in my city, I can get a whole set consisting of 3 items in Vancouver — $7.90. What the heck!? At Pho99 for $7.90 you can pick what pho you want, a sidedish (spring rolls, chicken wings, etc.), and a drink! Their chicken wings are delicious and can be ordered separately (10pc.).

The second time we went we all had chicken wings as our sidedish and we also ordered a plate… LOL!! -fatties-. Their spring rolls on the other hand are not so delicious. It was like this huge thing. Spring rolls are best when there is just a small amount of stuffing in it so it’s thinner and more crunchier. Mommy makes it best! On top of that, it was super peppered D:! Not enjoyable.

Service there was very good both times I went. The people are always thanking you profusely haha!

Don’t mind.. my mouth looked weird..as always.. LOL. But my hair looked real nice HAHA. Btw, can you see how those Super Nudy lenses are enlarging my eyes hardcore. Well, it was really big in the bigger version of the picture before I resized it for the site haha.

Green Tea Lemonade & Iced Peppermint White Mocha. One last drink at the airport before my best friend left for a term abroad in Singapore. We had a couple hours to spare so we played card games at the tables haha. Alan and I helped her check in after.

It was rather funny because we were coming from the side so we couldn’t see any of the signs and we got into the wrong one at first. It was like some empty VIP one and the guy there was like ???? “…Can I please see your ticket??” I was like, “He probably knew since we’re super young looking and wondering why the hell we’re walking in the VIP line…” He found out Leen already checked in online so he said that we could go to ‘that’ line. We had no idea where he was pointing so we moved to the line over. By the way, we were having trouble pushing the cart.. HAHA. The line was like long, or rather, it wasn’t really moving. Another worker was near us so we were asking him where the online check in people go and that’s what the previous guy noticed that we were, again, in the wrong line.

They pointed us to the first lane. The other empty lane for people that checked in online. LOL. Meh, we’re just like VIPs, no biggy.

To be honest, we didn’t even know Leen was planning to go abroad, for real. She suddenly let me know that she applied and is just waiting for acceptance so our other best friend, Ashleigh, and I were shocked and a little upset. I guess I don’t really mind that she didn’t let me know beforehand, because it’s not like that really affects anything. We were mostly upset for selfish reasons, like how we’re going to miss her ass so much and she ditched us for a whole term LOL. Ash and I always banter about if we’re going to cry or not when she left. I sometimes joked about how I was going to bawl and make a scene at the airport.

Thankfully, that didn’t happen LOL. While we were playing cards, the fact that the time left before she left for 4 months was starting to come to me. But you know, my best friend wanted to have this experience and it’s definitely good for her so I did my best to do what it took to make the transition for her as smooth as possible. I’m sure Leen felt the same melancholy in her heart when we knew she had to check in and go through security because she looked at me and said something like do I really have to go, I think haha! And when it came time to it I really did cry.

We stood a ways away from the entrance to go through security and we said our byes and hugs and then she turned around and started walking away. That’s when the whole thing hit me hard. I started tearing up and I was trying so hard not to cry and Alan who was standing sort of in front of me, so he had his back towards me, went, “Man, you could tell she was about to cry. I saw her eyes welling up.” He turned around and saw me on the verge of like bawling and I had to cover my mouth and all that because it looks ugly LOL.

I know this sounds super dramatic of me, but I couldn’t help it. And I never cry in public. Leen and I have been friends since grade 8 – that’s like 8 years – and somewhere down the road she became my best friend and I’m extremely attached to her. Whatever problems I have, I just know, that I could talk to her. She’s the wall I lean on. You know, that kind of friend that you just know, no matter what happens, the friendship would never break. The kind of friend you know wasn’t meant to be with you just for a period of your life, and then will step out when it comes time for it. Plus Leen admitted that she never once looked back while walking away because she knew she would start crying too. So.. not just me LOL!

My little tearing up session was quickly cut short because my uncle was like hurrying us up since he’s parked right outside and I was already late for our meet up time haha! Suffice to say, I was quite depressed that night and my uncle could tell too.

July 21, 2011

Excuse the bad quality, it was taken with our older digicam haha.

So we went back to The Blue Parrot Coffee on Granville Island for some coffee! That’s when we started noticing a trend. The pho place said it was “The Best Vietnamese Restaurant in North America” and now we’re at a place that serves the “#1 Rated Coffee in Vancouver”?? Whoa, whoa uncle. Bringing us to all the #1 joints? Five-Star Hotel Kevin treatment, jkjk LOL. No, but really, every place we went to had something they claim is best afterwards haha!

The people working here are, as always, very nice. Went there like 4-5 times now… LOL. Karen, my cousin, cracked me up. I offered to treat everyone and Karen picked Iced Classic Cappuccino, I think – which my uncle helped order. The lady making it told my uncle said something like they ran out of small cups for iced drinks I think and asked if it’s okay to use the hot drink cup? My uncle turned to tell Karen that. The lady, seeing that it was actually my cousin ordering this warned us, “Are you sure you want the classic cappuccino? It’s pretty bitter, it’s not like the stuff from Tim Horton’s! Would you rather like the frappes instead? Those are sweeter, hon!” Karen said it’s fine. My uncle ordered a frappe for himself just in case she wanted to trade.

We sat down and Karen took a sip and immediately traded the frappe with her cappuccino LOL!! Good going. So my uncle went and added some sugar and stuff to it and it became drinkable for the two of them. Should’ve listened to the lady, Kar.

At Granville this time, there was this guy whose trick was that he was going to ride a tall unicycle and juggle knives. He was quite funny actually, but there was one thing that kind of bothered me. Every couple minutes or so he’d talk about the donation at the end. Constantly reminding us that at the end he’s going to bring a bag out and, if we so wished to, put in a couple bucks. The worst part was at the end when he actually took out his bag, and before opening it, he was telling us, “If you’re going to just put in coins, like quarters and dimes, it’s okay, just keep it. This one’s on me.”

No offence, but if the show was 20 minutes, 18 would probably be you cracking jokes and telling us what you’re going to do but you never did until the last 2 minutes. Which, again, is not so bad because he was, admittedly, amusing but I just feel like tips/donations are exactly that. If I enjoyed your show and only had some change on me, you’re telling me that it’s not good enough? Seems a bit like a dick move. I mean if you don’t want it, take it, and give it as donations to things or something. The whole show you keep telling us that if we enjoyed your show, please give you some money. Beggars can’t be choosers, you know? That ending turned me off.

And then when we were inside enjoying the view and our coffee some Spanish guy, omg… he pulled up a chair and sat about a metre away from us and started strumming on his guitar. I don’t think I would’ve really minded if he played a beautiful, soft song in the background but he wasn’t. He was strumming it hard, and then he started like….screaming his Spanish song. It was so loud I couldn’t even think while I spoke. All of us would say a couple words and then lose concentration on what we were saying. Nobody was enjoying it. I think he knew because nobody put money into his guitar case and he decided to leave after a while. My ears were ringing afterwards -_-.

To top it all off, we got a ticket.. LOL. The place we parked had like a one hour limit so before it came time, my uncle went out to move the car. I guess it still counts if you’re in the same lot??? I think it’s pretty ridiculous because if we were going to get a ticket anyway, we might as well have just left the car. The car wasn’t in the same space, but it was in the same parking lot, I didn’t know that still counts.

Ajisen Ramen

4380 No 3 Rd
Ste 1190
Richmond, BC

I asked my uncle if he knew of a ramen place and he said he did. His friend knows the owner’s wife and they opened up Ajisen not too long ago. It’s at Parker Place!

Interesting decor LOL. Alan and I enjoyed the wall drawings.. What with the boobs having like double chins. They’re like double boobed men with faces like :< LOL! Hilarious.

What did I say? We’re now at a place that serves the ‘best’ quality Japanese rice. Oh yes, LOL.

I mixed my soup up and then realized I didn’t take a picture of our food yet so I put two pieces of the fried pork cutlet on top to make it look nicer.. HAHA. Okay so their servings for ramen or rice with the pork cutlet is huge.. Look at that cutlet.. It was so huge we couldn’t finish it off. Worse, the cutlet was dry : ( They cooked it too long so it was tough. Not enjoyable. Coincidentally, Alan and I both ordered fried cutlets -_-. Uncle got this kimchi flavoured dish..

The people here are very nice too. You can sign up to be a member and they give you a card and after like…10? bowls you get one free, I think. It’s a plastic card like credit cards and they use it to swipe. The bad thing about that though is that you don’t know how many bowls you’ve eaten? Stamp cards would be easier to keep track of because I don’t think they print it off on the receipt how many more bowls to go.