Vancouver — July 18 & 19, 2011

July 18th, 2011

Aji Taro

4940 No 3 Road
Richmond, BC

We ended off our night with eating dinner at Aji Taro. All you can eat sushi. They have quite a big variety of food to choose from actually. The only thing that really turned me off about this place was the service. When we stepped through the door it was packed. To our left was the main seating area and then to our right was a raised platform that had a couple tables and booths. I was curious as to why the seats on the right relatively empty compared to the bustling side on the left. Instead of waiting for who knows how long, we decided to just sit on the right side.

We went pretty late 10-11PM?? It was super busy still even though it’s after dinner hours. If you ever go and it’s super busy, just wait for a seat in the main seating area. I was so pissed off with the service because well, there was no service. We sat down and waited for someone to come and give us a sheet to fill out. No one came. The only person that was providing us service was the lady boss. I felt bad because I saw her running around, obviously out of breath since the other waiters/waitresses are lazy. When we filled out our sheet we held it up above our heads waving it around forever. One of the waiters saw us. I had eye contact with him so it’s not like he doesn’t see us.

I understand if he’s busy with a bunch of dishes in his hands so he has to come back. He didn’t. He had nothing in his hands. Just looked at us for like 5 seconds, walked away. Like screw you, buddy. The only time they ever came was when they had to come deliver the stuff we ordered.

With that said, we did go back on another night because my uncle assured me that when it’s not so busy and we’re seated on the left side it’s not like that. We went in the afternoon a day or so before we left Vancouver and the service was much, much more better. Albeit there were different people working. Maybe that guy was just an asshole. But let’s face it, with a first impression like that, most people wouldn’t be going back. I know that I was against going back because of their service, but my uncle’s a regular and said to give it a try again.

We all wanted some alcohol that night. They didn’t have any special mixed drinks so we just ordered some bottled stuff. We jacked uncle’s beer to make it look like we’re drinking more cooler stuff than like a chiller LOLOL. Don’t mind my ugly pic. It was the end of the night so I’m like all gross LOL but the picture cracked me up.

I like how they show you how much you ate LOL!

July 19th, 2011

Beaver Tails

123 Carrie Cates Ct
North Vancouver, BC

Was so disappointed : ((((!!! I think they changed ownership. The Asian couple don’t work there no more. ANDDDD the more upsetting thing is that they changed the menu. Back then I think they had maybe like 10 +/- styles of beaver tails to choose from. This time there was like 5. And it doesn’t even really count. It was like “original” “original + lemon” …. what the heck is that!!?? LOL!! This time there was an oreo one though that Leen ordered. I wanted my BC Tail!!

I was thinking about eating it so much and then when we went there I so shocked. Instead they now have more of those ice cream stuff, but I don’t get why. Beaver Tails is supposed to be unique and a better selling point. There’s already tons of ice cream places around -_-^^^^.

There was this candy/chocolate place near the Beaver Tails place. They actually had a bunch of candy in buckets and it was kind of off away from where you pay. I was thinking, “Wow, people could just come and jack a bag of candy and not know.” So either they’re really trusting or they think the business beside would say something if people did jack stuff o_O. They had gigantic candies man! Giant pixie sticks and live wires!!

Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge

Went back for Alan XD. We didn’t go travel to the end like last time because I wasn’t in the mood.. LOL I had flip flops on and felt like shit that day.

Jericho Beach

LOL.. So on the drive there, my uncle was like saying how we could either go hang at Jericho for a while and then go eat dinner or eat fried chicken on the beach. I thought he was joking HAHA. We drove by a KFC right at that point and he pointed to it and was like, “WANT TO?! THERE’S A KFC THERE!” I was giving him such a weird look haha! He wasn’t joking. I thought he was so we went back home to grab some drinks and snacks to eat. We didn’t sit on the actual beach though because none of us brought anything to wear there.

We sat there watching these people sailing. There were so many that day! Can’t really tell in the picture but groups kept coming. One of them cracked us up a lot. I think some people that are having trouble, the coast guard or whatever drives out to help pull them back to land. This one guy sailing… every time he was near land, I don’t know what he’s doing, but somehow his boat would fling around back towards the ocean and you’ll see him scattering to turn it back toward land LOLOL.

Felt so bad for him. He was doing fine beforehand and it wasn’t until he was kind of close to land that he started having trouble and the coast guard people would always just drive past him and go to the people further behind that seem stuck in one place. We were having fun watching this though LOL. I swear we sat there for an hour or so going like, “OH he’s close!! SO CLOSE!! OMG OMG!! OOhhhhhh, never mind!!” I would think if he just dive overboard and tugged the boat back he would’ve reached land faster LOL.

Actually before we came here we drove to Coquitlam to check out some Korean supermarkets because Leen and I wanted to buy some corn tea. My friend Akiko went to Korea the summer before and bought some. It tasted delicious – subtly sweet and especially good when chilled.

So we were driving down the highway and it was a major traffic jam. This truck in the other lane suddenly tried to pull out into our lane without any warning. 1) When you’re pulling into another lane you’re supposed to check to see if there’s any cars coming before even inching your car out to the other lane. 2) No signalling so even if we were willing to let you pull into our lane, we can’t because we had no warning!!

I was seriously out of it that day. Super tired and zoned out so I didn’t even notice that it was the same truck that pulled up behind us while we were driving. I was actually staring at it from the side mirrors thinking to myself, “That person behind looks like he’s tailgating us… am I just imagining it?”

I wasn’t. He pulled up beside us at one of the exits and he was bitching and threw something into my window. I thought he threw a piece of balled up paper. At that point I was so confused with what was happening my face was literally like @_@..???? While everyone else in the car was flipping him off because he was flipping us off. I was the only one not doing that because I was still so out of it LOL!! After I realized what happened I was like dammit!! Wish I could rewind time because I would’ve just opened my window and threw the rest of the coffee left at the bottom of the Starbucks cup at the effing dumbass.


8291 Alexandra Road #105
Richmond, BC

Went to eat hotpot! They gave us fresh chicken to make the soup base ^^

We were playing around with the black framed glasses. Uncle cracked me up so bad because he left his actual glasses on and he was being a loser with it XD Alan’s being a unicorn!

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