Did You Just Say Free?

My work recently offered their employees some free stuff for the back to school promo. Part-timers get a free pair of jeans and two tees. We were allowed to pick any pair of jeans from our new collection, but for the tees there were only certain styles we could pick from. Mostly it was just cropped tees and t-shirts. So I decided to pick these ones:

Sorry it looks so weird in the picture.. I have no pant hangers.. LOL. I needed some jeans that were a darker wash so I got this one ^^. I didn’t think it would look as nice as it did until I tried it out haha.

Those are my free ones~ And then I bought two extra tops.

My store sells pretty casual clothing haha ><

PS. While walking home yesterday from bus stop after work I saw from afar a boy and a girl making bubbles. I got closer and realized that they weren't even young. The guy looked like he was around my age (20). The girl, I'm not too sure. I say "making" because they weren't blowing bubbles. They had those like.. rings with multiple circles in the middle so you just have to wave it through the air and a bunch comes out. What's the name for those things?? What struck me as weird though wasn't the fact that they weren't young. Actually, when I realized they were probably around my age, I thought to myself, "Nice that they can still enjoy themselves and have fun playing with bubbles no matter what age." But when I was walking past them they didn't look like they were enjoying it at all LOL. The guy looked like he was just staring at the girl waving it around and the girl's face was so nonchalant. She wasn't smiling or looking the slightest bit amused. Odd thing of the day for me.

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