Vancouver — July 17, 2011

Welcome.. to Hotel Kevin LOL! My uncle was afraid we might not have some things. When we went into the bathroom we were like, “Whoa o_o…”

Zephyr Tea House Café

100A-7911 Alderbridge Way
Richmond, BC V6X 2A4

I actually love going to this place haha! Last time I went I didn’t bring my friends there because uncle and I were just going to go there for a quick, light meal before picking mom up at the airport. This time I definitely wanted to go there again for two reasons. One, to let Alan and Leen to try and two…. it’s a selfish reason.. I wanted to get my drink again. It was delish! OMNOMNOMNOMZ.

I’ve read reviews of how service in this place wasn’t that good. I’m not sure why. Every time I go I feel like the service is good. My uncle told me about how places like this usually don’t serve you water because they make money off their drinks (that usually goes for tea houses). The waitress was nice enough to bring us all a glass of water while we were still deciding what to order ! Whenever we had dishes that we were finished with, they quickly came to clear our table. People probably just had bad luck and went when it was super busy or something?

Bamboo Shoot Salad w/ Mayo

This dish was a great disappointment . Leen was curious as to what it was so I was like, “Yeah, let’s order it to try.” Don’t LOL. I imagined it would be cooler. Plus I thought they’d at least cut it into like matchsticks instead of a giant chunk like this. They pretty much just emptied a can of bamboo shoots, cut it into bite-sized pieces and squeezed mayo on top of it. I can make that myself, thanks .

Deep Fried Oysters

No words can describe how much all of us love this dish . If you go, definitely try this dish out. Unless of course you don’t like oysters.. but this dish still might change your mind bahahaha!

Popcorn chicken?

These are also recommended! They make it so it’s crunchy on the outside but done just right in the middle!

I’m so sad I don’t remember what this is called =_= LOL. Another one of my favorite dishes. Fish done right, for sure. One thing I dislike about ordering fish in Western restaurants is that they cook the fish until it’s all dry inside and BLARGH. How do people eat it that way? No idea. This is sooo smoootthhh. I don’t remember what those stuff is on top, but it’s not garlic I don’t think. I think Leen said it was like fried bean curds or something. Whatever it is…. I want it…on my rice all the time.. LOL.

Okay, if I get the names wrong, I’m sorry haha! They don’t have a menu online and I don’t remember if that’s what it is for sure.

Almond Mocha Frappe

So sad. I ordered this the first time I went there and fell in love with the drink. This time when I went back I just remembered I really liked a coffee drink, but I couldn’t remember which one it was. Sadly, I didn’t order this one and told my uncle to order it because he wanted a coffee one too. I took a sip of his after it came and was like, “NOOO !! That’s the one I meant to order~~” He offered to give it to me, but I didn’t take it because I felt bad if he had to take the one I actually ordered instead haha.

Hazelnut Cappuccino Ice Cream Frappe

This one’s not bad, but I prefer the almond one. I like the taste of almond stuff . I didn’t know that when it said ‘ice cream’ they were actually going to put ice cream on top LOL. I thought it just meant they mixed it into the frappe. I ate some of it and then mixed it into my drink after instead .

Peach & Mango Slush?? w/ Boba

Took a sip. Seemed alright. Not really a fav haha.

Not even going to try and give it a name.. because it had like three different fruits in it LOL. I think banana was in it too because I remember that taste more distinctly. It was also meh. I think their fruit frappes are probably only subpar. If you like fruit smoothies/milkshakes, it will probably be an alright choice.

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