Book Worm — August 2011

Tithe: A Modern Faerie Tale by Holly Black

Welcome to the realm of very scary faeries!

Sixteen-year-old Kaye is a modern nomad. Fierce and independent, she travels from city to city with her mother's rock band until an ominous attack forces Kaye back to her childhood home. There, amid the industrial, blue-collar New Jersey backdrop, Kaye soon finds herself an unwilling pawn in an ancient power struggle between two rival faerie kingdoms -- a struggle that could very well mean her death.

I actually picked up the set because I saw that the author SJ Maas had it on her blog. Although I found out later that she didn’t like it much haha! I don’t mind the book. It’s good to read when you’re just looking for a light read and don’t want to think too much LOL. Other than that though everything does feel like it doesn’t have much depth. People that hate those books should probably stay away >< I'll have to read the other books in this series to see what I think about it overall.

Peeps by Scott Westerfeld

A year ago, Cal Thompson was a college freshman more interested in meeting girls and partying than in attending biology class. Now, after a fateful encounter with a mysterious woman named Morgan, biology has become, literally, Cal’s life.

Cal was infected by a parasite that has a truly horrifying effect on its host. Cal himself is a carrier, unchanged by the parasite, but he’s infected the girlfriends he’s had since Morgan. All three have turned into the ravening ghouls Cal calls Peeps. The rest of us know them as vampires. It’s Cal’s job to hunt them down before they can create more of their kind.

Bursting with the sharp intelligence and sly humor that are fast becoming his trademark, Scott Westerfeld’s novel is an utterly original take on an archetype of horror.

This books let me down so bad LOL! When I read the preview on Kindle and even when I read the first couple chapters after I bought it, it had so much potential! Scott Westerfeld put a different spin on vampires which was refreshing. They are humans that got infected by a parasite. It got me glued when it got to this one scene in Lacey’s apartment when he first met her – people who have read this should know what I’m talking about. It was such a big turning point but then near the end I was exclaiming to myself, “What the hell is this D: ?!” The ending was a cliffhanger and not even in a good way.

Felt as if it brought me up to the highest point of a mountain and left me there. What am I supposed to do up here?! BAH! : ( I even recommended this to a friend because I only read the start and thought it was good haha -_-^

The Vinyl Princess by Yvonee Prinz

Summer is here, and 16-year-old Allie, a self-professed music geek, is exactly where she wants to be: working full-time at Berkeley’s ultra-cool Bob and Bob Records. There, Allie can spend her days bantering with the street people, talking the talk with the staff, shepherding the uncool bridge-and-tunnel shoppers, all the while blissfully surrounded by music, music, music. It’s the perfect setup for her to develop her secret identity as The Vinyl Princess, author of both a brand-new zine and blog. From the safety of her favourite place on earth, Allie is poised to have it all: love, music and blogging.

Her mother, though, is actually the one getting the dates, and business at Allie’s beloved record store is becoming dangerously slow—not to mention that there have been a string of robberies in the neighbourhood. At least her blog seems to be gaining interest, one vinyl junkie at a time…

I don’t even know why I bought this book haha! I read the preview on Kindle and thought this seemed real meh. I’m not sure what I was expecting out of this book.

When I got it, I read the back and it said that the author also runs a records store? I feel like this book just gave shout outs to different vinyls.. and then encourage you to buy it haha. Girl loves vinyls. Girl names a million vinyls. Girl meets boy who loves vinyls. Girl who loves vinyls and boy who loves vinyls end up together. Bam! I guess she tried to put in a bit of a plot by letting her fall for a dangerous guy in between but it really didn’t do much for me.

All in all, this batch was rather disappointing. Makes me feel like I really should just go to the library and read some of it before ever purchasing it because apparently just reading a preview from Kindle isn’t enough : ( Reading Angelology by Danielle Trussoni. Hope it’s better than some of the reviews people gave it : o

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