Vancouver — July 16, 2011

July 16, 2011

Arrived in Vancouver at 4:30PM if I remember correctly : P

Kyung Bok Palace

5300 No 3 Rd
Ste 720
Richmond, BC V6X 2X9

Yeah I know, we went there again on the first day? LOL.

Drove around Robson Street.

La Casa Gelato

1033 Venables Street,
Vancouver, B.C. V6A 3R9

I showed a picture of this place a couple entries back I think. I can’t show the inside though because they don’t allow it ><. The pricei s one scoop I think was like $6-$8, I forget. Quite pricey, but it's a good experience. Definitely a place to try out. They have over 200+ on site at one time. This time, since I was with Alan and Eileen, we decided to try out the weird flavours! Last time I was with my cousins, Alex and Karen, and the two of them pretty much already knew what they wanted to pick haha. It's fun to try them LOL even if they make you feel gross after. We tried a spicy mango. That one sneaks up on you!! Alan tried it first and then I did. I was like EFFF. Uncle was like, "What? .. No this is quite sweet like mang-- OMG SO HOT!" Then we tried ginger and peanut butter curry... LOL. That one was disgusting. Peanut butter curry... how do they even come up with these flavours =_=. We saw Balsamic Vinegar too, but didn't get to try it haha. I got black sesame, Alan got durian, and Leen got La Dua. La Dua was unexpected when we saw it in the Asian flavours section. Tastes delicious : D!

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