Benefit Realness of Concealness

It doesn't take a makeover, just the Realness of Concealness, when a little perking up is all you need. This crafty little kit is a mini collection of Benefit's most coveted concealers and enhancers. Why dig around your bag when you've got everything you need all boxed up.

I have problems using cream products.. LOL. I don’t know if it’s because I live in Canada where it’s freezing during the winter time. All my cream products are totally not creamy so it forces me to use a blow dryer on it. Which means I don’t use them that often because it’s too much noise in the morning and it takes too long when I’m in a rush to get ready for school.


You name it, Benefit Boi-ing hides it: dark circles, boo-boos, broken capillaries—whatever you need to conceal.
I rather dislike this concealer. For one, I feel like the shade they included in the set was too dark. I don’t think I’m that pale but when I put it on it seems like I have this dirty spot on my face or something LOL. Which means I can’t put it on top of foundation if I chose to do that instead.

I never tried it on dark circles, but I would imagine that it would just make things worse. I also felt like it made any acne on my face look worse because it brought attention to the flakes or scars =

★☆☆☆☆ — 1/5

High Beam

Benefit High Beam is an ethereal pink liquid highlighter that creates a radiantly dewy complexion. For an angelic sheen, this pink shimmering lotion adds a soft, natural afterglow.
Usually people use highlighters on their cheekbones but I sometimes like mixing it with my foundation for a bit more radiance to my face. It’s not the best highlighter to do that with since it’s not a very watery solution. Either way I use it, it works quite nice. It gives a barely there pink highlight to the face.

Sometimes I put it into the inner corner of my eyes to brighten them up when I feel super dead that day : P If it was a bit more watery it would be a bit easier to work with, in my opinion. So for that I’d prob give this product a ★★★☆☆ — 3.5/5 or else it’d be a 4/5.

Lemon Aid

Benefit Lemon Aid is a miracle-working soft-yellow correcting cream that instantly hides redness and discoloration on your eyelids.
Does it colour correct discoloration in my eye area? Yes. Does that mean I like it? No, not really. It settles into the fine lines in my eye area like crazy : (! Not long after I apply it I’ll see it all caked up when I look in the mirror. Whyyyy T_T!? As for using it as a primer, I don’t think it does much in that area LOL.

★★☆☆☆ — 2/5

Lip Plump

Help lip color stay on longer with Benefit Lip Plump, a smooth base for full, voluptuous, sexy lips.
My lips are quite dry so when I put this on it looks like some weird caked up brown stuff on my lips = I don’t even know how to put anything on top of that after because I also feel like it’s quite opaque by itself. It’s not light enough to be like a lip concealer. Soo it’s also useless for me LOL.

★☆☆☆☆ — 1/5

Ooh La Lift

Benefit Ooh La Lift is a wonder eye cream that works like an instant eye lift.
Ooh La Lift seems almost like the more watery version of high beam haha XD. Which means it’s much easier to use in the eye area – which it should be since it’s meant for the eyes. Once I put it on, it instantly brightens up my eye area. No complaints for this product :D! It does its job although I wouldn’t describe it as an “under eye de puffer” like it does on the back of the set.

★★★★☆ — 4/5

Overall: If you would like to try some of Benefits most popular products this would be a good buy. I think it would be better to let people choose which concealer color, but I don’t think any sets usually let you do that anyway haha. I bought this because I just fell in love with Benefit’s packaging but in the end, most of the products weren’t really for me. I’m glad I just bought this instead of buying the full-sized products because Benefit products aren’t cheap and a lot of them aren’t really worth their price.
★★★☆☆ — 3/5

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