Hi Neighbour Boy!

In Vancouver it’s very common that a big house, like a mansion, would have its rooms rented out. While I’m in Vancouver, my uncle gave me his unit in the place he owns. The top floor of his place is, I think, almost equivalent in sq ft to my actual home. Since he doesn’t need that much room to himself and since he’s never really at this place he gave the whole top floor to us last time.

While we were there last time though, he was already in the process of having the place renovated so that the top floor would be divided into two units since he won’t be using it much. There were originally, I think 3 bedrooms I think. Three bedrooms, one bathroom (has two sinks), two living rooms, a big kitchen. He added two more rooms in and another bathroom and so the other unit has three bedrooms and he kept two to himself.

Beside us now are three students that attend SFU (Simon Fraser University). Two girls and one guy. Actually, there’s lots of SFU students at this place since it’s pretty close – 15 mins drive? I never saw them… until today.. LOL.

I was sleeping and I heard the doorbell ring but I didn’t get up because my uncle still has his set of keys. I then remembered that last night I sent him a text saying we need more water bottles, maybe a box of iced tea, and some ziploc bags. I thought maybe he had his hands full and then I heard a knock and the doorbell again. I went to open our unit’s door a little and saw the main entrance was opened so my thought was that maybe he gave up waiting for me and just opened the door by himself. I opened the door wider. Keep in mind I just woke up so I’m like in my PJs, had bed head, and my eyes were literally like -_o because I couldn’t open both eyes since they’re so tired HAHA. I looked down to see the neighbour boy looking back up at me right at that same moment because he heard me open my door. I saw him and was like O_O ……………..-quickly close door-

LOL!! So embarrassing I swear =_=. Of all the times I could’ve met the people living beside us, I had to meet them then. I was telling Alan how I’ll never open the door again and that whatever happens, my uncle can open the door himself =_=.

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