Bar Experience~

It seems to be generally accepted now that once you’re of age you should go going to bars/clubs on the weekend LOL. My coworkers always give me hell about my non-existent experience at bars. “You’re 20 and you still haven’t gone to a bar yet?! NOT EVEN ONCE?!” No.. not even once… UNTIL NOW!! LOL!

Everyone’s always so shocked that I haven’t gone to one before haha! I’m not the type to dance though so I couldn’t imagine what I would be doing there. Originally Leen and I were going to sleep over at Ashley’s house since we’re leaving to Vancouver (right now as I’m typing this.. I’m actually leaving tomorrow at 4PM LOL — July 15th). Ashley suggested taking us to the bar instead.. I got single person pressured into it haha! Well, not exactly pressured I guess. I’ve wanted to go just to experience what it was like and like everyone always says to me, “Might as well try it out now unless you want to go when you’re like 30.”

Was kind of excited because I wanted to see how much I could drink. We did some pre-drinking at Ash’s house before we went. I’ve never seen myself with such crazy eye makeup LOL. All out – smokey eyes, lashes, etc. I didn’t take any pics of it :P I didn’t know Malibu and pineapple juice was so yummy @_@. I had like 3-4 cups of those (1 shot of Malibu a cup) and then some rum and coke. Shannie was saying how she won’t drink rum because it sneaks up on you later and hits hard…. I think she’s right because by that time I started to feel a little buzzed LOL.

Took like a couple more shots and rum and coke at the bar. Was definitely buzzed after LOL. Had to constantly go to the washroom – my friends said it’s good because then I get rid of the alcohol fast and can drink more. It’s a weird feeling, a nice one.. LOL. When I drank enough and I closed my eyes I can feel a smile appearing onto my face. When a breeze passes by though I’d feel awake again. Whenever I went to the washroom though I’d feel a bit dizzy but not to the point where I’ll fall right to the floor.

Saw Monique and Chanel there too. Haven’t seen them since foreverrr.

For some reason I only felt the nice feeling at the bar but after we cabbed home to Ashley’s house I felt SOOO tired and wanted to drift off to bed. I also started feeling a bit nauseous as the night progressed. Thankfully, I was all good though LOL.

I’ve always heard stories about creepers at bars/clubs and that night I got to witness some LOL!! So funny.

There was this Caucasian dude that was a little on the chubby side. Carol was dancing by the table we were sitting at and he walked past pretending to shoot her with double pistols (his hands) and blew it out, slung the pretend guns around, and then put then into their gun sling. We were cracking up soo bad.

Later Ash sat down beside Leen and I (she was sitting beside me and I was in the middle). Ash was fanning herself because it was hot. The guy sat down beside her and was like, “Hi there ladies! How are you doing tonight?” I was extremely amused and was smiling really hard and answered him along with Ash. He looked at my friend and was telling us about how he say doing that fanning motion and thought she was telling him to come over here. Ashley was like, “……Nooo it’s just really hot..”
Him: Ohh I thought you were waving me over. Like an SOS call.
Ash: >_> ………. No.. it’s just hot so I’m fanning myself…
Him: Well here I’ll help -starts fanning at her and blowing air at her-
Me: ^^… I don’t think you’re doing enough
Yeah, so bad I’m encouraging him, but it’s extremely entertaining to watch what sort of lines he comes up with. Isn’t it?!!? LOL
Ash: We were actually just about to go get some drinks
Him: Oh really?
Ash: Yeah, let’s go get our drinks guys -starts pushing me to move out of booth-
Me: : ( -wanted to keep watching-

This other guy.. a late middle-aged guy walked up to Carol asking if she wanted to dance and she was like super bitchily with a dirty look included, “NO!!!” He was like O_O ….-backs away- LOL. I was telling her how she should say, “Yeah sure! A good celebration after my “surgery” ;)” LOL

We went to the top floor later and there were fob/regular Asian guys there…. I saw them looking at us and stuff… but none of them approached us LOL!

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