Vancouver (June 30, 2010 / July 2 & 3, 2010)

June 30, 2010

Well Tea

Next to Aberdeen Centre is Parker Place. We took a bunch of purikura (sticker pictures) there. I don’t feel like scanning them in though LOL. After we were all tired out from our camwhoring we went tried to find Well Tea, which Connie recommended. It turned out to be right beside the area I think? LOL. Woot! There’s actually three locations; we went to the one in Richmond.

LOL!! We were like wth.. super bored? But we think it’s a brand because they sold clothing with that on it in the place

I wasn’t used to so many choices of drinks LOL. I’ve never seen so many on the menus in my city. Well, there’s one that’s similar, but it’s so far to go to @_@. I don’t know if non-Asians usually frequent Asian tea bars. If not, you should definitely give it a try! Most of them specialize in BBT (Bubble Tea) – also known as Sago Tea. Sago/Bubble is from the tapioca balls in the drinks. Most non-Asians find it weird to have chewable stuff in their drink, but try it out! Might surprise you! If you dislike it, you can usually substitute it with many other different things like grass jelly or coconut jelly. I think having things to much on in drinks is quite common in Asian drinks. For example, the Vietnamese 3 Color Bean Drink… Delicious!!

They do serve other drinks too that aren’t Bubble Tea, just in case you’re wondering! They have pretty much their whole menu up on their site you’re curious. Other than that, most places serve food too!

Fried Tofu. Deep Fried Chicken Nuggets. Soy Milk Hot Pot.

At first Leen was like deep fried chicken nuggets! I was like.. why do you want to eat that LOL but it turns out to be this Taiwanese version and it was delicious ^^. I don’t see the soy milk hot pot on the online menu. I thought it sounded cool and wanted to try it out to see what it taste like. Yeahh, don’t order it LOL. It was very bland. I thought the soy milk will make things taste kind of sweet.. it didn’t :P. I love fried tofu so I don’t even have to talk about how much I like it.. LOL.

July 2, 2010

Buddhist Temple

9160 Steveston Highway, Richmond

We decided to go visit the Buddhist Temple in Richmond when my mom came to join me in Vancouver. It was also Leen’s last day there and she was happy to go because she follows the religion. My mom also pretty much converted when my grandpa passed away. Pictures are forbidden inside the inner temple and also of the Buddha statue. The status inside is huge though and needless to say, beautiful. I’m not Buddhist so to be honest, it was a little awkward. Everyone else with me is Buddhist LOL. My uncle and mom told me that it’s disrespectful to come in and not bow to the Gods and give tribute (is that how I should say it?? LOL) by sticking the incense sticks in the holders in front of them @_@.

When I was young I was taught to pray to my ancestors, but I never know what to say when I’m in front of a Buddha statue. What do people say? Do I ask them for their blessing? There were many statues of Gods in the temple and I was supposed to go to all of them and say something. I wasn’t sure what to say after… LOL. I just stood in a moment of silence of bowed a couple times and places some incense sticks in front of them @_@. It was hilarious because Leen thought we just had to stick it into one so she placed her whole bunch of incense sticks into one God. She went up to me and I was like, “….Where’d your incense sticks go???” Leen, “Crap.. I thought we only stick it in that one in the front…..” Me: “…..Want some of mine? We’ll have to be cheap and put only a couple in front of each God now.. LOL~!”

Leen and I were chuckling over how it says that LOL!! I mean who the heck lets their child run and ride one of the statues in a Buddhist temple?!?!?

Richmond Olympic Oval

6111 River Road, Richmond

We stopped by the Olympic Oval since it was close to the airport ^^.

Their interpretation of a modern totem!

Creeping the inside of the Oval :B

Off we go to drive Leen to airport~

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