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I noticed I stopped posting up pictures of clothes I buy which kind of sucks because I actually like looking through old entries to see what I bought and when I bought it haha. Keep track of what’s in my closet, sorta. Thought I’d post this next one though because I was super excited.

For me, finding the right blazer seems just as hard as finding the right pair of shoes or glasses. There’s so many different designs and picking the wrong one would ruin the overall effect. I wanted a blazer in my closet for a really long time now, but I could never find the right one. Either I didn’t like it straight off the rack so I didn’t even bother trying it out or I fell in love with the blazer and tried it on and looked all sorts of wrong. The biggest problem I have is the shoulders. Every time I tried on blazers my shoulders looked massive and I couldn’t seem to find one that made me look sophisticated instead of looking capable of chopping a gigantic tree down.

I finally fell in love with one from Artizia. It was.. the blazer of all blazers, LOL. Everything about it looked great to me. I especially loved the little stripped detail on the sleeves when they are rolled up. The only problem was.. the price. At $125, I couldn’t push myself to drop the cash on it. I know that in the end it would be a good investment for my closet because a nicely tailored blazer is pretty much timeless. However, I’m a PTer with tuition and student loans to deal with.

I was buying some shirts off Gmarket for Alan when I thought to myself, maybe Gmarket will have some nice ones. They are, after all, aimed at the Asian market so they should have the blazers more tailored to my body type, right? I would think so!

Marine Blazer

I saw this blazer and was happy that there was sort of a dupe for the one at Aritzia. The navy colour, the pin striped sleeves, etc. The fit seemed a bit more tighter but I was content with that as I also wanted a slim fitted blazer to make my outfits more chic. Sorry my photos aren’t up to par haha @_@. I have no full-length mirror in my own room and the one in my parents room is super dirty =_=. Also I have no place to hang my clothes up individually to showcase it LOL : (

The pinstriped pattern is only shown when you roll up the sleeves. Also, it’s only sewn a couple inches high, which I’m a little disappointed in. It makes it impossible to roll up higher unless you roll enough to cover the pinstripe. But, I think the pinstripe were one of the selling points =

The pockets are real, which is nice because I really hate fake pockets. I always get tricked and stick my hands in them or try to put something in them LOL ~_~.

Another thing I’m not too impressed with was the fabric. I feel like it seems a little cheap which is weird because I paid almost the same price for both blazers, as as you will see later, the other blazer is of the fabric that’s usually used to make these jackets. However, I do feel like it fares well in the spring because it’s light enough. It’s a nice jacket to put on over an outfit when it’s a little chilly out without making it frumpy. And when it warms up the material is light enough to not make you sweat like crazy. Also, the fit is great! I’m wearing it two entries back on the grad entry! Despite the negative points, I quite like it. I like pairing it up casual things for a casual-chic look or more dressed up tops for a more sophisticated look.

Mannish Blazer

This blazer looks a little more like a boyfriend blazer because I’m pretty petite. I was very content with the material used on this blazer because it feels more heavier on the hand so it seems a bit more expensive. It makes me feel like the price I paid for it is much more worth it.

As you can see, inside it is lined with a blue satin fabric so it feels nice and soft when you put it on. It’s visible when you roll up the sleeves. It actually showed up a lot more vibrant here in the pictures than it does in real life. This jacket also has pockets. I find that I like the button detail on this one a lot more than the first one too. Reminds me of a rich, vintage school jacket or something haha. The other one I’m not that fond of the sparkly button – makes it seem a tiny bit kiddish. I got lots of compliments on both jackets though when I wore either one out : )

All in all, I think they were pretty good buys. I wish I bought a white blazer too. I actually had one in the cart, but I decided against it because it got to be a bit much for my wallet and I decided to just try these two out in a dark navy colour first since it’s much easier to match them with my outfits. I think next time I will be purchasing a white one from Gmarket too ><.


And just for fun, what I actually wore out that day LOL

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