Vancouver (June 29 & 30, 2010)

Originally I wasn’t going to post the rest of the Vancouver pictures up. Just because I was taking so long on them and look, it’s been literally a year since the trip. Aside from that, there were also personal reasons that made me decide to stop all together. Buutttt, you know what? This blog is sorta like a diary to me and I’ll just post up some of the other pictures anyway.

June 29, 2010

Jericho Beach

Can you tell that we went to a million places each day LOL! Jam-packed schedule! We ended our day off at Jericho Beach. Jericho Beach is really close to the UBC (University of British Columbia) campus. There’s actually a hostel right beside the beach too so in case anyone’s on a budget or backpacking there’s a place to stay right near the beach! I went to JB before when I was young and I remember I loved it because I got to watch people catch crabs!

Beautiful, breath-taking views. I could just take a nap right there on the beach while watching the sunset haha. On one side there are people doing the regular beach things – tanning, lounging around, playing some sports, etc. To the other side lots of people (although we didn’t capture them haha XD) getting into boats, etc.

In the middle – where we were – there were benches to sit at and at the end there were people catching crabs. It was amusing watching them haha. When I was younger they had some metal cages with raw meant inside. If I remember correctly, they had nets this time. They threw it really far and after a while they’d pull it up. You can’t take ones that are smaller than a certain size so if they didn’t reach the requirement the guys would throw them back into the ocean.

I thought it was hilarious because there were these two Asian guys about our age there fishing. While we were watching the men catch crabs we suddenly hear the two guys behind us yelp in excitement. We turned around and hear them go like, “OMG SUCH A BIG CATCH!! IT’S HUGE!! BLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH.” I looked down at the ground to see the fish they caught and it wasn’t even bigger than my hand.. I swear it’s like two inches LOLOL!

We also saw a seal swimming around in the water while we were looking out at the ocean haha! So cute. We were surprised because we also saw this:

I never knew something like this existed!!! I asked on Twitter what it was that I saw and someone @replied me saying it’s called Stand up Paddle Surfing (SUP). So cool! LOL! There were a group of teenagers all paddling away into the sunset LOL. I was a little sad thinking about how if it was me I’d prob be so damn tired after just doing it for a bit let alone riding it out as far as they did. I’d like.. attach mine with a rope to someone else’s LOL!! But I can imagine the arm muscles you’d get from doing this often.

June 30, 2010

Aberdeen Centre

For some reason I have this nagging feeling that I’ve already done an entry on all this.. hmm LOL. I swear I edited the picture below where I’m holding my crepe before? Ah well. So we decided to just hang out at Aberdeen Mall that day. Aberdeen mall has lots of Asian stores too.. I think it’s an Asian mall… LOL.. I don’t remember anymore. We went upstairs to the food court area and stuffed ourselves with food again.

We saw a Beard Papa’s here. The people here had on those culinary chef outfits. We wished we bought it here instead

We didn’t take a picture of the place, sorry XD… too creeperish. The place is called Mazazu Crepes and they actually have Japanese people working there. They have stamp cards so if you buy a certain amount you get one free, if I’m not mistaken. I told my uncle to keep the card since I don’t even live in Vancouver but he said I should keep it for the next time I go. Talk about giving me an excuse to throw my money at crepes if I go Vancouver >: O

I got the crazy green tea one. Mochi, soft-serve green tea ice cream, red bean, etc. FRIGGEN DELICIOUS!! Leen got excited when she saw this picture of a soft-serve green tea ice cream cone so she had that and Felicia got I think this strawberry + brownie crepe.

There was a really popular juice place there: 8 Juice. I’m not sure why it was so popular. There was a long though. Maybe Vancouverites are in a health kick and want fresh juice?? LOL

Wanted some more munchies so I bought some also friggen delicious takoyaki from Hanabi. Had like mayo, okonomiyaki sauce, and those fish flakes (bonito). Was like an orgasm in my mouth NOMNOMZZZ. Felicia got this corn dog thing.

Leen got some japchae from Jang Mo Jib.

Challenge ;; 5 Places You Want to Visit, Love & First Kiss

5 Places You Want to Visit

I would LOVE to visit places in Europe. It’s one of those places that I seriously want to go to one day when I save up enough. In no particular order:










And now I shall cheat and put Greece because… well just because LOL:



Discuss your first love and first kiss.

Hmmm my first love. The thing about me is that I fall in and out of “like” with someone really quickly. I can like someone for a day, for a week, for a year. Maybe it has to do with my short-attention span. If a person can’t keep my attention it ends just like that. It can be just from their looks, from their personality/who they are, how they treat me, etc.

I never even loved the person I briefly dated when I was younger. Ironically, I think I fell for someone that I’ve never dated. He made my day each time we spoke and I didn’t even know how deep my feelings for him were until we suddenly lost touch one day. I know I’m being rather vague here.. but I don’t feel like sharing the more personal details on this LOL. But I’ve never really stopped wondering what happened.

First kiss was hella sad LOL – and embarrassing at that. My “first kiss” was at my ex’s birthday party at his house. Both my friends and his friends were there in the dining room after we just sang Happy Birthday. His mom was in the kitchen but there’s nothing dividing it so we’re like 3 metres (?) from each other. And friends kept chanting “Kiss”. I gave him a look that said “You better not do it.” But he did…. twice. YAY! >_> On camera and all. How romantic, hrm?

He made it up to me though.. I guess. We were alone one night and he said he had something to give to me. He made me close my eyes and made sure I wasn’t peeking. Except he got nervous and shone light at me with his cell =_=!! So he got me to close my eyes again. And well, you should know the rest HAHA! And he said that was supposed to be my “real first kiss”. I guess if it made him feel better.

Le Pirate King

Luffy wanted to say “HI!”. It’s bobble head Luffy!

Leen and I bought a Luffy with a meat stick each as a sort of best friend thing. Hers was a rubber one with string instead of metal chain though. I was extremely sad when the body fell off onto my front porch the day before. I heard a clack and looked at my keychain to only see Luffy’s head. I searched the porch under the street lamp’s light. I found Luffy’s body and was relieved that it was attached like a screw so I just had to screw the body back on. Luffy is now currently living happily back in my purse’s pocket – at least until the next time it ever happens.