I was doing the census the other day and was disturbed LOL ! My mom kept her maiden name so when I filled it out it was like:

Dad A
Me A
Alan A
Mom B

It asked us our age too so I have no idea why it was being weird. The next section asked us who we are in relationship with my dad. I guess it thinks since I’m the only female with the same last time I’m automatically his wife

I thought it was weird because under my name is only said “Son or Daughter to Dad A only“. There was no “Son or Daughter to Dad A and Mom B” ! And then under Alan’s name it was like “Son or Daughter to Dad A and Me A”.. Was just like “WHOA WHOA.. UH NO

Please…. I’m only 20.. LOL. My dad’s like in his 50s =_= …. how awkward and disgusting. Especially when there’s a female listed that’s closer to his age. Had to enter in what we were under the “Other ______” option haha!

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