Skinfood Products Re-reviewed 3

Skinfood Pineapple Hand Cream

I’m rather on the fence about this hand cream. On one hand it does seem to keep my hands kind of soft as it’s supposed to do. This hand cream is meant for dry skin and wrinkles, but I don’t have any hand wrinkles LOL. I think you’ll also have to keep using it for a longer period of time to see it would help with things like wrinkles.

I also like the scent. It’s very light so if you’re someone who doesn’t like things that are heavily scented like Bath & Body Works, this could be a nice alternative.

The only thing I don’t really like is that for some reason it feels a little bit waxy o_O. Usually when you put on a cream that’s thick you would feel like your hands are a little greasy, but this one feels waxy?

Do I feel like it’s a must-have item? Not really. I collect soo much hand creams/lotions. This one isn’t one I particularly reach for because I love it, but I like keeping it in my bag because of it’s small-size – very travel-friendly.

Skinfood Parsley and Mandarin Emulsion

I love this product a lot.. and I’m not even sure why LOL!! The scent of it I would not describe it as Parsley and Mandarin – for one I really don’t like parsley XD. It has a certain spiciness to the smell.

When you pour it out it looks like runny moisturizer and when applied, it turns into liquid to seep better into your skin. I put it on after I use my toner so it keeps the moisture on my face.

Usually, I use my Lettuce & Cucumber Water Jelly Cream after so my face is all nice and dewy. After I give it a couple minutes to all absorb my face feels very soft, not to mention smelling fantastic ; ) LOL.

The Parsley and Mandarin line is targeted towards troubled skin. Not sure if it has really helped in that field, but I love it anyways : D.

Skinfood Sugar Cookie Blusher #2 Bebe Peach

I actually bought this item because I thought the colour and packaging looked cute. A big mistake. I actually tried it a couple times, didn’t like it, and gave it away to someone.

I kept running my blush brush over it and couldn’t really pick anything up. So obviously it wasn’t going to show on my face. Even when I ran my fingers over it I barely got anything. I guess if you have the patience to keep building up the layers to make it noticeable… LOL.

Not recommended. I’m sure there are plenty of better alternatives at better prices >< !

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