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My face says HI I don’t think I’ve posted my face on this blog in entries yet haha! Isn’t this just a great one to post? I have EOS J-203 Grey (New Adult) on there. It’s probably not that visible though since I decided to do a blowfish face harhar. I took shots of just my eyes though – it’s on my tumblr. I will also be posting them here when I do reviews on them… sometime -shifty eyes-. My hair is actually wayy too long and started to look super bad, hence me clipping up my bangs . PS. You guys like my lame entry title? LOL

Mother’s Day is fast approaching. What’s everyone getting their mommy?

My mom started collecting stamps when she was young. Back then they had a glass table and in between would be stamps from different places. She remembers having cool triangle shaped stamps from Singapore that my grandpa’s uncle bought during his trip. A good family friend was over one day and my grandpa, being the giving person he is, gifted a bunch of these cool stamps they had . My mom still has some books in China that has stamps she collected since she was young. Canada too but my grandma kind of messed them up @_@.

When I was younger I remember seeing some cool ones she had bought since living in Canada. I didn’t really understand the meaning of them. I had pen pals when I was younger and I thought it’d be super cool to use these awesome stamps on my letters -young show off- . Now that I’m older I feel really bad because things like that cannot be returned.

For this Mother’s Day I decided to buy her a binder that is used to collect stamps again! Especially with the Royal Wedding happening there’s unique stamps coming out for the occasion! I wanted to help her start her collection with those . Actually I have no idea what the difference is between all the books.. albums, binders, stock books From the details on Canada Post, I’m guessing stock books only have certain number of pages, albums are smaller, and binders you are able to add sheets?? I decided to get the binders so she can add more sheets as she goes.

Grande Binder - Green

I like how they look haha. I was hoping to find something that looked like it had a bit of history behind it – would fit a book for stamp collecting, no ? Got the green one. Thought it was black, but it said green .

Going through the commemorative stamps I decided to get her two other ones too because the design on stamps or the sheet looks cool haha! Click for bigger view!

First one is obviously for the Royal Wedding. Second one was for Year of the Rabbit for our Chinese zodiac. Last one is for Method of Delivery. I like the floating barrel and the sled dog haha . I forgot though that the Method of Delivery one was up for pre-order that means it isn’t out yet . I was kind of freaking out because it comes out I think like May 12 or something like that and I got free shipping on my order because of the RW stuff. I was scared they’d hold back all the items until they have all the items because that’s usually what they do if you select free shipping or else you can select to have them ship separately . Thankfully though, CP seemed to have separated the in-stock and pre-order items and it seems both orders are still under free shipping !! I think this is the first time I’m singing high praises for CP LOL.

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