Ring Ring Ring~

Does anybody else’s workplace still use coiled phones LOL! They’re the bane of my existence. I always forget and another store would call in asking if we have a certain item that they’re out of. I’d turn around with the phone to get an ‘on hold’ card for the item.. BAM! Whole phone falls down LOL!! Super embarrassing.



Turns out I suck at cordless phones too . I accidentally hung up on tech support because I put him on speakers while I was waiting for a page to load. I was going to undo speakers to talk to him and I accidentally pressed the flash button . Usually if you press it again it’ll go back to the first person. It doesn’t work that way for my phone for some reason.. I don’t even know how to undo flash on our home phone after having it so many years LOL. Yes.. I was praying they’d call us back because they DO have our number and I gave no signs that I would hang up on him =_=. We tried calling back after though and each time we called it said the service is unavailable LOL .

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