Baby Shower for Ella~

My coworker Jenni gave birth to her baby Ella to months ago and Jenn decided to throw her a baby shower. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go but since I never attend things my coworkers organize I decided why not this one? Leen said I should go too haha – do some bonding with them. I can’t even find a picture online of what I got Ella = Was actually debating if I should take a picture but I was like, “Eh.. maybe someone will take a picture at the party.” I’m pretty sure they didn’t because everyone got lazy after the 3rd one or so LOL I didn’t bring a camera with me so I don’t really have any pics from the shower until everyone posts them on facebook .

This was my first baby shower so I had no idea what going on haha! We played four games. Although by the second one all of us were asking if we could just skip onto the gifts since the games look longer than anticipated !

The first first game had to do with chocolate bars and diapers.. the image already makes you grossed out, right? LOL! We had to guess what chocolate bar it is in the diaper. It looked really gross because it’s melted. I think I only got one right in that game out of the five; I got the first one which was Oh Henry ! Steph was like asking if we could taste it haha! They all just taste like melted chocolate. I think the only way to actually tell what it is, is if a chunk of it hasn’t melted or you take a guess depending on the ingredients in it . There was also Caramilk and Crunch, but the hardest was the last one. It had what looked like smell rice crispies in it LOL.. that one one also looked the worst. Steph won this one, I think?

Second game was guess the baby food! We get a certain amount of points depending on how many ingredients there are. First one had three fruits. Laurelle saw me just sniff it and pass it on so she commented saying, “You’re not even going to taste it? Good luck .” Hey! I got 2/3 LOL! Apparently, cream corn tastes real nasty. Everyone that tried some had a super grossed out face. I only tried the ones I couldn’t really place. Most you can kind of smell and guess. I think usually if you can guess one ingredient you will know what goes along with it. For example, peas and carrots and apples and strawberries.

Candice and I tied for first place ! Someone was like do rock, paper, scissors.. but were were across the room from each other so we were lazy haha! We were about to just do a simple coin toss when Sally suggested that Jess picked a number between 1-10 and we can guess. Candice wrote down a number and I just said mine out loud. Turns out we both guessed 7 . Sally changed it to a number between 1-20. I guessed right on the dot – 12! Harharhar. Got a goodie bag .

I think the third game was guess the celebrity baby. You may think it’s along the lines of Shiloh or Violet, but no. It was a picture of a celebrity when they were a baby LOL. I think I only got two right and me and two other people tied for first spot… LOL! So hard .

Last game was pin the sperm on the egg… HAHA!! Jenni was the first to go and hers was right beside mine to the right. Second last was Sally. She actually had her hand hovering the middle of the egg but when she heard all of us go like, “OH” she hesitated and moved it. So hers is on the bottom left. We made Jenn go too. She ended up closest to the middle. Jenn’s was right under mine to the left.

I was praying that no one purchased the same gift as me since I knew mine was getting opened last. Especially when Jenni opened Steph’s first and then Laurelle told us she got the same exact outfit for Ella . Was different size though haha so Jenni kept it. Ella’s so big LOL. I think she was 9lb so they had to do c-section. Apparently out of 100 babies born, she’d be bigger than 97% of them .

I got Ella (with help from Ashley!) a cute lilac dress from Gap. I actually saw it on the site but it’s gone now o_O so fast. Actually, it seems like a lot of their stuff goes on sale pretty quickly. So maybe it’s worth the wait! The dress looked a little like this – ruffles~

We also picked out a cute panda print blanket from H&M. Sadly, I cannot find any H&M items online since they hate us Canadians… LOL. I was super happy when my dress got the most “AWW’s” which is saying a lot since after the first couple clothing sets everyone was all “awh’d” out bwahahaha !!

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