Japan Earthquake / Tsunami


I’m sure everyone already knows about the natural disaster that occured in Japan. To help:

For those in Canada text:
ASIA to 30333 to donate $5.
REDCROSS to 30333 to donate $10.
Other options? Visit the Red Cross website for more information.

For those in USA text:
REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10.

Honestly, I feel like it’s times like these where God doesn’t really seem believable. Family, friends, homes all just get swept away in a matter of seconds and all we can do is pray? I don’t want to believe that. When I first heard the news I didn’t think too much of it since Japan frequently experience earthquakes. The footages than started rolling in and the news of it being the biggest earthquake in Japan since they started recording sank in. I started getting worried because I have a friend who’s from Japan. Thankfully, her and her family are okay.

I think it’s times like these where you shouldn’t just pray that things get better. Nor is it the time to retweet/reblog people’s messages where they say they’ll donate x amount for every retweet/reblog. People need help..

Going through the trending topics on Twitter really pissed me off and it makes me lose faith in humanity =_=. So much hate going on. Hurricane Katrina and Godzilla was trending. WTF. People were accusing people saying no one reached out that quick when Hurricane Katrina happened. They said Japan didn’t help. Are you kidding me? Do your research before you start typing things. Just because your president didn’t step up to the plate, don’t blame others. As others on Twitter have said, you were given warnings. Japan didn’t.

This is why the idea of world peace will never take place. People like you don’t have have the compassion to worry about others. Handle home first? Have you taken the steps to help? Do you volunteer and donate to shelters??? Just imagine a natural disaster happened where you are and then the rest of us will say “Why should I care? I have my own worries here.”

So mature. I mean I’m sure the money they gave to help out was just another $500,000 to shove in your face.

Reminds me of someone I know that doesn’t know the time and place to joke and you just want to punch them in the face. Yes hundreds to thousands of people died and many more have lost their homes. SO FUNNY. Gtfo.

And things got worse when Pearl Harbor trended. I didn’t even bother to look through because the people I follow already let me know the gist of it. It’s probably not hard for anyone that didn’t check it out to guess why THAT was trending. It was friggen unbelievable when people said things like it’s karma for Pearl Harbor. Are you stupid? Did you learn anything from your American history classes? Or are you too blinded by your own ego?

USA retaliated by dropping a nuclear bomb on Japan killing tens of thousands of people. Should I give you a lesson on American history? Oh yeah because that’s not enough karma there. While they hit a naval base, USA bombed entire cities. But let’s not even get into that because neither countries were right and both suffered through a lot from the war. How could you ever say a country deserves a natural disaster though??? If you’re going to say that, I’m sure many countries feel the same about the states playing bully.

Get off your fucking high horse.

All you’re doing is bringing a bad reputation for the rest of the Americans that are great people. Such a shame that a couple asshats ruin it for everyone else. You know what? if anything, it’s people like you who should be put through suffering like those who have to battle through natural disasters while the rest of us don’t give a fuck. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, right?