Skinfood Products Re-reviewed

I thought I would review these items again since I did them on my LJ and now I’ll move it here! Don’t mind the watermarks. I can’t retake a new picture since I don’t have some of the products anymore or never bought a new one after that @_@.

Skinfood Black Bean Nose Pack

I actually didn’t get a full box of this, and I was glad I didn’t. My friend Leen and I shared the box. I wasn’t fond of the smell and it took some getting used to. Personally, I think these work just as well as Bioré. If these aren’t easily accessible to you I probably wouldn’t go out of the way to find them. It may look like it works better because the strip is black so all your little whiteheads/dead skin show up.

That’s my opinion though. Leen agreed with me at first but then she said the more she used it she thought maybe it did work a tiny bit better than Bioré? Another person I know asks me to help her get it every time we order haha!

Skinfood Cucumber Soothing Mask (Wash Off)

This has been one of my favorite wash off masks that I own. Just bought another one recently haha! I use it all year round. During the summer it gives a nice and cool feeling to the face. It also has a nice light scent from the cucumber. In the winter (summer time too ><) whenever my face goes crazy on me I use this to calm down my face. It definitely makes a difference because the redness would go down. Especially during monthly times @_@.

Or if you use a cleanser that’s a little drying to the face, this could also help in the calming sense. Although.. probably best if you don’t use such a harsh treatment on your face in the first place?? LOL.

Skinfood Lettuce & Cucumber Water Jelly Cream

My favorite summer time moisturizer. I would definitely not recommend this for people with drier skin as it will probably provide zero moisture for your face haha! Your skin might be suck it all up and still be thirsting for more. However, if you’re like me and your skin is combination or oily it will be a nice change in the summer time.

This is scented but I really like it. It just smells really fresh and light. Not like some that try to be fresh but still end up really heavy when too much is applied. Not that surprising though that it smells fresh since it’s lettuce and cucumber. It’s nice when I wake up in the morning, cleanse my face, and apply this on :)

As it says in the name the texture is like jelly, but not as solid. As soon as it touches your skin it turns into water. It melts into your skin making you feel refreshed.

In the winter time I switch to a different moisturizer.

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