Chinese New Years 2011

Happy Lunar New Years everyone!! I’m a bit late I guess since people in North America usually don’t celebrate the same length is people in Asia do @_@.


Year of the Rabbit! I don’t think I personally know anyone that’s a rabbit. I hope everyone had a great LNY. No other holiday gets my family’s attention except when Chinese New Year rolls around. And this was our first time celebrating at home, I think. I honestly can’t remember doing a home-cooked meal for this holiday – only go to eat out. Some stuff happened during mine though so the end of the dinner was a little like WW3 so I hope everyone else had a better one :P

Something rather unexpected happen though the day right after CNY. I went to Starbucks with Leen and a woman interrupted us politely and said, “Excuse me, sorry to bother you but I know it’s Chinese New Years.” I thought she wanted to ask us something about it o_O. Then I saw her reaching into her bag and pulled out two red pockets haha. She was like, “Gung Hey Fat Choi!” I wasn’t sure if I should reply back in English or Chinese LOL. I think I stumbled and kinda did half of each.

Later when Leen and I were at T&T we were bringing it back up and Leen was like “Yeah she’s one of our MLAs (Members of the Member of the Legislative Assembly – they’re part of the government body for our province)” I was sheepishly saying how I honestly have no idea who our MLAs were LOL. Leen, the smarty pants, was like, “No.. I don’t either.. I just saw her bag say MLA.” LOL!! Yeah, was a pleasant surprise haha! The woman was actually wearing the top for traditional Chinese wear. I don’t know why I never noticed when she was sitting behind Leen in Starbucks o_O LOL.


So I was a little concerned yesterday because when I went to go check my old MSN and went through the emails I was getting notifications that people are following my tumblr account and are even reblogging some posts. My current tumblr is linked to my current email address and that’s the only tumblr I use. My old one was just left as an inactive one, I guess. I went through the emails to check which tumblr it was but none of them provided a link.

I decided to go onto tumblr and log in and see what people are following/reblogginng and I found that I couldn’t log in. My password was incorrect so I decide to reset it. When I logged on after I found the tumblr account full of entries and stuff. I would’ve just thought that someone accidentally entered in my email but then I couldn’t remember if tumblr needed email confirmation. I thought most sites do that nowadays? What was really weird is that the girl’s from my city?? That’s a hell of a weird coincidence =

For one, I’m from Canada. Two, my city’s not one of the more bigger ones so I’m a little freaked. I’m just going think of it as a really weird coincidence though since I don’t think the girl did anything with my hotmail – if she actually did hack it. I just don’t like knowing if she did know my email stuff that means she could’ve went onto my MSN too =.

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