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Helloooo!! Wow my first post in January and it’s already pretty much over LOL! I can see in my stats that I’m getting a lot of readers on mobiles so I looked around for a plugin to convert my blog into a mobile-friendly version. I know I hate loading a really huge site on my iPod Touch too haha ><

This is also my first post on my new domain. Third one in about.. two years -sigh-. This time though, I really do feel at home. I kept debating for a while if I should move from my blog from livejournal to my own domain. First I had lovemusicfashion and for some reason no matter what I did I couldn't get my domain and my web host to connect. I think they were like the same company (???) but different domain name.. so I changed it to lovefashionmusic instead and signed up through Bubble Crush web hosting. Super cheap, but I thought, whatever I want to get one to learn my way around all this. Actually, owning my own site wasn't anything hard. When I was much younger, someone offered to be my hostess so I already knew about running my own site and using FTP. However, when you suck at learning coding.. life gets hard LOL. Which was what happened when I tried to tinker with wordpress on LFM. Kristy, the girl that ran BC, decided to stop hosting because it was starting to be too much for her to handle and she wasn't making anything since her prices were so cheap. I decided to try again. When I was in Vancouver during the summer, I wanted to start anew. Lots of things were going on in my life and I wanted a new start. Being by the ocean and seeing new(ish ><) things felt inspiring so I bought a new domain from Hostpitality called refreshedinspirations. I just want to say.. what you pay for is what you get LOL. I paid for the package which includes the domain and waited while they set me up. After I got my information I went onto the client area and saw that it said I never paid for the package and still owe $xx.xx. I was a bit uneasy about this. I entered a ticket asking about it. No answer. I thought, well no harm since I checked paypal and there's no sign that they will automatically take from me each year. Plus, they already set up my site and e-mailed me my information. Their cPanel was really lacking o_O. They disabled a whole bunch of stuff including Softaculous which I thought would be a good thing to have... makes life much easier. Later on I guess clients were suggesting it so there was an announcement that it had been added... I never saw it >_>.

The biggest problem though was the downtime I got =_=. Every time I felt like making a post or a draft I go on and see that my site is down. The site even claims 99.99% uptime.. LOL. I thought to myself okay well after this year I’m definitely switching host. I guess it’s for the best because I never really liked those other domain names. I was just trying so hard to squeeze one out haha. Sad part is that they suddenly out of no where mentioned that they were closing down hosting by Feb 1. They never said if they were at least going to keep hosting the people for the rest of the time they paid for but I think they should just cut their losses. All those cheap hosting companies run by a couple individuals just keep closing and pushing their clients to another one just like that and the cycle keeps going.

I decided to do some more research to see what hosts got good reviews and also at a good price (no too good to be prices though!). Now I’m here! I’ll post about this one some other time. I literally just moved this site like…yesterday?

So I’m the type of person that loves to buy my own copy of a book. I used to love going to the library but I started getting frustrated. I was telling a friend of mine that I hate sometimes when a book isn’t even an old one and it already looks battered and gone through too many people’s hands. When a book’s pages are all wrinkly like it soaked up liquid and it smells old, it bothers me LOL. She said she doesn’t know what books I’m getting because hers seem like they’re in a good condition. I don’t know man.. my other friend agreed with me LOL.

I’m also impatient hahahaha. Unless I’m like my friend who puts a dozen books on hold at a time I can’t stand waiting. Our university’s student ID can be used at our public libraries too. I thought since our ID works and I don’t have to sign up for membership, I might as well borrow some books to read – books that I’m kind of interested in but not really sure I want to buy. All of them were waitlisted x_x…

Problem with buying books though.. I’m starting to run out of space.. LOL. That’s the shelf in front of my bed. You can see all the Gossip Girl books harhar. Don’t mind the plushies.. HAHA.. I put all my childhood ones in the bag, but I didn’t want to bag the ones I got from my friends.

You can tell I read a lot of Young Adult books. I don’t mind reading the ones aimed for an older crowd, but it’s kind of hard to find one from scratch. A lot of the bestsellers (NYT & Publisher’s Weekly) are thriller and.. I don’t want to read all thriller haha! Young adult books though are fast and easy to get through which makes it easier when I recommend them to friends. A lot of young people nowadays, even though they might enjoy reading, don’t want to pick anything up because – other than the fact that they don’t really know what’s out there – they don’t have time to get through it. Especially when you’re a university student and you already have textbooks to get through.. the last thing you want is to read a book full of hard words because an author is trying too hard to be descriptive.


I got to read an excerpt of The Hunger Games and really liked it. I never watched Battle Royale but the premises of the ‘game’ seemed similar. Well.. the battle to the death part haha! I was telling some of my friends about the excerpt I read – was kind of summarizing it for them from memory. Everyone seemed really interested. Now all my friends have bought a copy and are telling me how much they love it LOL. I don’t even have the set yet.. but!! I ordered it the other day so it should be coming this coming week hehehe ^^.

I was looking through NYT and PW’s bestseller list and saw The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Title already got me interested… LOL. I searched around and read a couple synopsis on it. Sounds really interesting! Yeah, it’s a mystery/suspense, but I don’t read those too, too often so I going to put that onto my “To Read” list haha. They even made a movie out of it???

Apparently it’s been the highest amount of snowfall for my city since 1989. That’s before I was born! Our city agreed to do a 24-hour snow removal from the streets. I always thought to myself that we were pretty much built for weathers like this because when I hear about how my relatives in Vancouver are suffering, I’m usually saying, “Are you for real? You didn’t even get that much snowfall. How did you guys get stuck?” Now that we snowed every single day non-stop for like two weeks… I don’t think we’re doing so well LOL. My coworker from Nova Scotia said their streets would’ve been plowed much, much more quickly. Except, for them, they can remove the snow and put them over the dock. We’re landlocked ><

How high’s that?

I’m 5’2-5’3 LOL.. And it’s been snowing more since I took these so I’m pretty sure it’s my height now in my front yard.

Well.. this has been a longgg post hahaha >< I hope it makes up for almost a month's absence. - Jiawen PS. I notice a lot of traffic's through searching for makeup/skincare reviews. I'm afraid I don't do much of those since I'm not a beauty blogger LOL. Ah wells ><

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