A couple days ago a guy helped my friend brush snow off her car. He had asked if she had a brush. Thinking that he didn’t have his, she gave him hers, but it turns out he was helping her with her car instead. I was a bit amused because I’ve heard of guys doing nice little acts of kindness for girls, but I haven’t really heard one like that yet. My friend and I were talking about that little action the guy did. She thought it felt a bit weird a male stranger would do something like help her brush snow off her car.

Today, he taught her how to “properly” brush the snow off. Let me bring attention to the fact that today, outside looked like a snow storm. Wind was whipping snow to and fro. The last thing anyone wants, is to stand outside in the cold and snow, learning how to properly brush snow off the car.

Which makes me wonder: how far would a guy go to help out a girl? How far would he go to attract the attention of the girl? Not that I’m saying he’s seeking her attention. I’m just kind of stretching the situation or question further. How do you know if it was done just out of chivalry and how do you know if it was done because it was a tiny bit more than that? haha.

I was saying to another friend that I like when men do little things like that for girls. I guess it also depends what kind of girl you are. If you’re very independent or a bit of a feminist, you might not want a guy doing things for you. Whereas maybe girls that are a more traditional/princessy type, you might like it. I don’t know.. hahaha, it gives me a nice feeling in my heart when a guy does a small gesture like that. Maybe he might not mean any more more than to just be nice, but it’s a nice thought.

At the university, sometimes even though I’m a couple meters away still, if a guy notices I’m behind them or maybe they walk quicker than me, they hold the door for me. They would stand there and wait till I arrive before they let go of the door. Sometimes they let go a little too soon and I would end up trying to quickly reach for the door before it closes again, thus making the guy wait in vain LOL. If they notice that, they’d quickly reach back again to hold the door for me in a rush to catch the door from closing. I feel so bad because I’m still a fair bit away and they stand there.. but I’m walking slow because it’s icy. My other friend said it’s because they probably thought I was cute.

Really? I thought it was just done out of niceness… you know.. your manners and all that stuff. I mean, it just happened the other day at the bus stop when I got off the bus and was heading towards the bus terminal. The middle-aged/late middle-aged man was walking in front of me. I didn’t even think he knew I was behind him. But when he opened the door, he stayed a while longer so he could hold the door for me. My friend was like “He’s like -wiggles brows-.” He didn’t, but he smiled at me. Is that weird?? LOL. Makes me feel like chivalry is dead or something LOL (NOOOO!!!!)

Honestly, I do the same for people sometimes. Okay, I wouldn’t go as far as to stand there and wait if the person is far away. If they’re like a step or two behind I usually stand there for a moment so they don’t have to pull the door while the floor is all icy. The only time I would wait is if I see an elderly person behind. I hope they don’t think it’s because I think they’re cute hahaha (not the elderly)! Unless this only works when a guy waits for a girl?

Also, I smile at strangers in my neighbourhood. That’s what people do here… they’d walk their dogs past me or they’re going for a jog.. I’ve never seen them in my life, but we’d nod at each other and say, “Hello,” “Good Morning,” …… you know? HAHA. Please random stranger, do not think I find you cute. Unless I’m smiling real hard and giving you looks ; ) LOL jk.

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