Etude House & Innisfree Haul/Review

I have wayyy too many items from Skinfood and Innisfree already (skincare items, anyway) so I thought I’d splurge a bit on some of the makeup items. Yeah…. I can’t help but spend money -sigh-.

Etude House Precious Mineral Highlighter

I was looking for a nice highlighter since my makeup sometimes can make my face look a little flat. As happy as I am that my foundation makes my face more even, I’m not into looking too cakey.

I think this highlighter provides a nice, light touch to my makeup. I think I would have to go super crazy digging into the highlighter to put too much on LOL. My skin is a tad oily so I don’t want anything that will intensify the oily look and this works great.

I was a bit surprised when I swirled my brush in and flakes of the powder didn’t accumulate around the rims. Which means it would be great to bring around without being scared that bits of powder are flung around and make your mirror all dirty ><.

Etude House Precious Mineral Makeup Essence

Ah Etude House, thanks for making this LOL. Does this look like another product? A little similar to Guerlain’s Meteorites Perles, right? Yeah, I would love to get my hands on that.. but I’m a poor college student LOL. -shakes begging cup-. Instead I made due with EH’s. Yeah, it’s not as luxurious looking, but who cares >_>…

It comes in an air pump bottle which is great. I hate normal pump bottles because you don’t get to use all the product :I

When I first used this, I wasn’t really in love with it, to be honest. I was hoping it would make my face look awesome before makeup because in some of the Guerlain reviews, it provided a nice glowy look for people even before foundation was applied. Yeah, yeah, this isn’t the Guerlain one. However, I think that even if it was, I still probably wouldn’t really like it just because my skin type is crazy and I guess shimmery primer makes me look a little oily. Plus, it didn’t really do much for me when I put my foundation on top of it after either. I was disappointed and just went back to my Banila Co. primer after a while.

One day I decided to mix this primer with my Lavshuca foundation, and I fell in love -wiggles brows-. My Lavshuca foundation was nice, but if my skin gets a little dry, it shows the flakes a bit :X. When I mixed this, I think for the first time I saw my face “dewy” without being “oily”. Usually I got for a matte look since it can easily look bad on me when I go for dewy. It looked very natural too because this primer makes the Lavshuca foundation less thick and made my foundation blend into my natural colour much better. I definitely recommend buying this primer and trying it out. If you don’t love it, try mixing it in with foundation that you think might be a little thick or that’s a bit drying to your face.

It keeps my makeup on my face for a decent amount of time. Without touch-up after around like 5 hours of wear or so, nothing much changed on my face.

PS. Yeah, I forgot to take a pic of what it looks like when I squirt it out….. LOL Sorry, I forgot. It looks a bit foamy though. And when I mix it on my hand and dab it with my stippling brush it leaves little bits of the primer on my hand. I think that takes a bit of the shimmer bits away, which is good with me LOL.

Etude House Bling Bling Eye Stick

Sorry, I can’t really review this one hehe ><'' I bought these to just add a little colour on my lids when I'm going for a natural look. Mostly, I use the white one on my inner lid or under to make my eyes more awake and not as dead.. which is what I'm usually feeling at work : D. From what little I've used, I think it's pretty nice so far. It hasn't disappeared when the day ends, although I have to remember not to rub it or else it'll all be smudged away~ hahaha.

Innisfree Sleeping Whitening Gel

Sleeping gel, the mask for the lazy people – people like me! All you have to do is after you’re done all you’re skincare stuff at night, put this gel on top and let it work its wonders. I actually haven’t been using this consistently as I have a million tub masks and sheet masks to use up. But the girl in me wanted to buy stuff that I couldn’t even use yet haha!

My mom has been using it consistently though, as her skin never seemed to go back to its natural colour after our trip to China yearsss ago. She said it does actually seem to help whiten her face, slowly. A friend of mine who also purchased this and used it consistently also said it has helped. Although she has a lot of whitening products going on, so take that with a grain of salt haha. But with our experience with Innifree products, not many products have disappointed us thus far!! I think Innisfree products have a better success rate than Skinfood, actually.

Etude House O2 White C Toner

I thought the bottle was pretty big, but then I realized maybe it was just that… the bottle. I think in reality, it was only 10mL more than the Skinfood one haha! However, this EH one was cheaper for me. I didn’t check the retail price, but it was cheaper for the price I paid, anyway. I haven’t used this one yet, I’ll post it here when I have :)

Etude House Brushes

Ignore the glittery stuff.. LOL as you can tell I got a little excited and tried them out before I even took a picture >_> <_< >_>

I usually put minimal makeup because I like to keep things natural, so I barely ever put on eyeshadow =. I just wanted some brushes to put it on if I ever felt like it. So far, these brushes are pretty nice. They serve their purpose without any shedding at all and they’re pretty soft. Now I just need a blending brush to soften the looks ><. Ashley's very adamant about the blending brush... LOL. I also bought the foundation brush because I actually usually just use stippling brush. However, I wanted to see if some foundation looks better on me if I used a foundation brush. It doesn't really.. not if it's liquid haha. If it's cream though, it also provides a nice natural look. I wet my brush and put little bit by little bit. I don't buy cream foundations though, aside from the CoverFX one I bought a while ago. Which means I'm not sure if it's that foundation or cream foundation in general that makes me oily very quickly =. Wow, got a bit off-topic haha! The foundation brush is a good one if you want something affordable to play with foundation is what I want to say? hahaha. I hate the eyeliner one =_=. It's so hard and soo thin. Nothing really picks up and I can't draw with it. Do not like >_>… Feels like I’m intentionally poking my eye…

All these brushes are rather small. The handles are short, anyway, so I think they’re pretty travel friendly. They actually come with plastic casings, but I took them off for the picture.

Etude House Proof 10 Jewelry Pencil

Got a weird look from Ashley when she found that I ordered a blue liner LOL. Yeah.. I don’t really like blue eye shadow or anything, but I actually saw this video (I think it was a video, can’t remember now) where this girl did double wings and one was blue and it looked super cute. Thought I’d do that but I ended up not really like this liner LOL.

I’m not sure why, maybe because I live in Canada and it’s cold like probably 9 out of the 12 months, at least in the part of Canada that I reside. Creamy things always end up hard and I always have to get a hair dryer to heat it up and get it working right. This liner isn’t very smooth and I feel like I kind of have to draw it rather hard on my eye, which is a no-no for me. I haven’t tried heating it up before, but I’m too lazy to hehe.

I do like how there’s a mini sharpener at the end of the pencil that you can take out. Very convenient. I don’t think it did a great job sharpening for me though haha!

Not review/haul-related: I played Black Ops for the first time. I usually hate shooter games, but I was forced to play with Ashley LOL. I was dying because her TV wasn’t huge and we split screened. I was sitting SOO close to the TV.. now my head hurts like a biyatch HAHA! I was so noob… this guy stepped beside me. I thought he was my teammate and I got knifed. Eff you, buddy LOL!!

– jiawen

Vancouver (June 28 & 29)

June 28th, 2010 – Part 2

Warning: Image-heavy!! I think there’s 52 pictures this post ><

Vancouver Aquarium
Here’s the rest :D

Life cycle of a Jellyfish : )

A speckled sanddab. It can change colours to blend into its surrounding :o

Beluga Whale!

Was so hard to get this.. LOL Sooo many kids around because the pool right beside it had some performance going on.. I think with walruses?? Same with the dolphin.. that and neither of them wanted to poke their heads up ><


Don’t these things look so cool?!!??! It’s called axolotl : o Check out its wiki page :)

I seriously do not understand why these were at the gift shop…. do Canadians look like bug eaters =_=?

Central Library
You guys must be like “wtf You’re showing me a library??” but it looks so pretty and cool ><

Vancouver’s so green haha. So cool though, how it’s like a coliseum :D!!!
We stopped by this place I think called Ken’s. I was craving for some more curry rice. So I ordered this Baked Chicken Curry Rice…. SO EFFING GOOD D:< ! A little bit of coconut sprinkled on top and the chicken was super smooth. I love these sorts of things baked..

And then back onto the road …


Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge !! :)

Initially we were going to go to the more widely known Capilano Suspension Bridge, but it costs like $26.60 (student price) =_=. We were kinda tight on cash.. LOL. I’m barely working that many hours and Leen didn’t work this summer so, you know haha. But I kind of just wanted to take pictures there. I’ve experienced the Capilano one before when I was younger.

However, if you’re not always traveling to Vancouver, I think the Capilano one would be worth your money. For one, the sheer size of the two bridges are very different. The Capilano is 136 metres (446 ft) long and the Lynn Canyon one is only 48 metres (157 ft) long (I think this is what it’s listed as?? Correct me if I’m wrong haha). Another thing is the height at which they are suspended. Lynn Canyon is 50 metres (160 ft) high while Capilano is 70 metres (230 ft). Price-wise though.. Lynn Canyon’s free admission >< !

I’m not really scared of heights, so while up there I wasn’t thinking about falling over. I was actually scared something important of mine might fall into the river below… LOL. Obviously there’s no way to get it back if it fell. See how I’m like clutching onto my bag XD HAHA.

I wonder what this bench was supposed to be looking at.. because it just faced the trees… LOL. The river was more to the bench’s right hand side..but you really can’t see anything else when you sit there other than trees o_O.

Was sitting there like a boss XD

Found the river further down!

There was actually this man that was sitting on a rock a couple feet away reading his book. He must be thinking “FML they found my favorite quiet spot =_=…” There was another group that kind of traveled at our speed in front of us that went down the river first and they had a bunch of kids. They were all really rowdy. My uncle actually just thought we were going to take a picture at the bridge and go… and yeah I guess that’s what all of us thought too because as you can see in the pictures, none of us were prepared to go hiking LOL. Leen was wearing flats while Fei was wearing slippers. We had to climb down rocks and stuff to go down to the river to take pics.

I don’t know what took over me. I was just invigorated because I wanted to take pictures with everything so I was like “Suck it up and just do stuff you don’t usually do to take the picture..!!” PS. if the sizes/quality for the pictures are different it’s because all 3 of us took pics of everything and I just picked from the pool of pics.

Yeah I got real excited about seeing the clean, sparkling river.. LOL. I acted like a little kid that saw those fountains at the mall and want to splash the water around.

We reached the end of the river!! Aren’t the colours so pretty? I just want to dive in there and play.

So as you can see to my right that the other group had went up a little bit further up to go down to that piece of rock. But if you look closer you can see there’s actually another piece of rock that wasn’t wholly taken in the picture. That’s how Fei and Leen got a shot of me from above.. and that’s one of the times I had to suck it up to take a picture. There were these big boulders that were on the right that KIND OF connected where I was standing to where Leen and Fei were. The boulders were laced with green stuff and flies…. and every movement made them go crazy. I wanted to die =_=. But it would be a hassle for me to go all the way back up, travel a little further up, and then go all the way back down again.

But I did it, and then the dog photobombed us LOL

I actually kind of regretted walking further in because the idea of walking in a circle to get back to the suspension bridge makes sense in theory; unless of course the circle isn’t really just a circle, but also many trails jetting from all directions. We accidentally took a path that led out to the residence area LOL. We saw two girls looking like they were ready to do a hike (had backpacks and stuff) and also a woman was walking her dog in her jogging gear. So we decided to go and ask them how to get back to the suspension bridge. The two girls offered to take us since they said that’s where they were heading too! Except right when we entered back into the woods they pointed to a general direction and told us to simply follow the trail because there were “many signs” around that’ll lead the way. FOL (Eff Our Lives) LOL.

No offence to them though, they were really nice and I was grateful that they tried helping us and it wasn’t their fault. I think because they live around here, they’re used to the trails. Whereas us, the sad tourists, aren’t LOL. Seriously though people, there are no signs. All the signs were just like warnings.. do not litter or else a bear might attack j00z. It took us many wrong turns until we got back to the bridge LOL. At first we were all like :D!! Sadly, after realizing we don’t know where to go, we grew more and more frustrated with the situation. The kicker is that when we finally chance upon a sign with actual directions, it was a mere meter or so away from the damn bridge =_=. I wanted to strangle someone.

Moral of the story is…. before you go into the woods, always look around for the Ecology Centre that’s off to the side before approaching the bridge. They probably came with maps. To be fair, we didn’t think we’d go that far in… LOL. DAMN YOU PRETTY RIVER!!

Youtube Fridays

I thought I should share some videos that I enjoyed this week haha! I know these aren’t all new, new, but doesn’t mean they’re any less enjoyable, right? haha

Hollywood Goofs Up Heros

Westerners and their replacing Asian characters with Caucasian actors =_= -sigh-. WHYYYY!??! It’s just like Dragon Ball. Tell me, who watched those movies, anyway??

My Dad is Asian

Totally my parents… LOL

Sam Tsui – Love the Way You Lie Mashup

If you don’t like Sam Tsui, you suck ><

New Home

So I decided to move my new home to my own domain since Livejournal wasn’t really cutting it for me anymore >< It has been my blog's home though for about 4 years now.. probably the one blog I actually kept for a significant amount of time haha! I'm going to be cross-posting my entries to my LJ for now and I’ll see if I want to keep doing that later on. I’m using a plug-in to do that so it won’t be much of a hassle haha. And I shall retype my Skinfood reviews and post it up on here so I can keep better track of the items I’ve tried :o